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Broadcast: The Magic Flute

Bear right.

Starting tonight at 7:25, the Met’s “tab” version of The Magic Flute. (Photo: Richard Termine)

  • steveac10

    And even in English Kathryn Lewek is the best Queen of the Night I have ever heard. Too bad this abridged. Castronovo is luxury casting for this version and the Ladies are top notch.

    • Camille

      O Scheiße!!! I forgot about this tonite! Did she still fire off all those Fs????? I have just GOT to hear this girl in the house!!

      • steveac10

        Every one of them big and spot on…..And she still held the final the final F in the first aria for a couple of beats with genuinely attractive tone. Plus most of her diction above the staff was pretty damned good. I also cannot praise her without mentioning Castronovo, who was equally impressive. We often discuss female singers in terms of how glamorous their sound is, but rarely the men. In a German role sung in English his sound was, in a word, glamorous. Big, dark and full of color. Not what comes to mind when one thinks of a Tamino, but a pleasure to hear none the less. Also from him -- near spotless diction.

        On the downside we had a Pamina who should have been hired as Papagena’s cover if they wanted to give her work in the house. Thin, wiry and colorless. It’s a sad thing when you would rather hear the Papagena sing Ach Ich Fuhls.

        • Camille

          Thanks steve for your confirmation. I thought the same about Lewek and could hardly believe it so it was good to see someone else had thought sinilarly. I have got to go hear it in house. Much appreciated and am forewarned about Pamina. When one stops to think of some of the great Paminas of the past, it’s kind of a headscratcher.

          • Lohenfal

            Lewek and Castronovo were also excellent in the German version a few weeks ago. Too bad that Golda Schultz didn’t come back for the English one as well!!

  • steveac10

    Guess I’m the only one listening in these parts, but why does Met bred Charles Castronovo only appear intermittently in the house. He just killed Tamino’s Speaker/ Animal/Flute scene. Beautifully sung and every last word understandable.

    • Rudolf

      Perhaps European audiences value and appreciate Mr. Castronovo more than … the managers of American opera companies?

      • steveac10

        Some of the other major American houses casting departments like him just fine. Perhaps he just needs to sign with Askonas-Holt to get more work at the Met.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    I would have been happy with another verse or two of favorite pieces, but I’m grateful for the condensed version regardless.