Cher Public

Broadcast: Madama Butterfly

For your listening and discussing pleasure tonight, cher public:  Madama Butterfly live from the Met at 7:25 PM.

  • H_Badger

    Pinkerton is awfully shouty tonight

    • Camille

      tonight and every night, that is the way he sings.

      this is a miss for me, once the first act is ended as to arise early tomorrow morning without memories of the horror of love betrayed and self-annihilation is my goal.

      Buona notte a tuttiquanti e in buona fede

      • DonCarloFanatic

        This is why I only listen to Act I of Tosca.

  • H_Badger

    Well, the orchestra sounds nice. And I like the tempo. It’s no Hoffmann.

  • Wally Walburga

    That Pinkerton man was a sexual predator.
    According to our politically correct times, he has to be erased from
    the opera.
    In order to continue representing Madame Butterfly, she has to be
    transformed into a delusional schizophrenic bipolar sex crazed girl who has to be medicated, but everything fails and she commits suicide.
    And NEVER a Chinese portraying a Japanese.
    None will be satisfied.

  • DerLeiermann

    OT, but I didnt see any active “on this day” thread…
    Will someone be reviewing the new “Rigoletto” recording with Dimitri H, Francesco D and Nadine S? I havent heard of the label before, but I find it interesting casting of the main role given his abscense from the stage and all.

  • DonCarloFanatic

    Is anybody else having trouble with the vast ups and downs of the sound? Don’t the Met engineers (I foolishly imagine they have engineers) do anything to equalize it?

    • H_Badger

      hmm. i have in the past, but tonight has been relatively ok….

  • southerndoc1

    Like the conducting quite a bit. He really let it rip when Butterfly saw the ship, but the audience still sat on their hands. She has some good loud notes at the top, but the rest seems somewhat quavery and un supported.

    • H_Badger

      seems to have gotten much stronger since the beginning. past 10 minutes have been great.