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Hostage situation at Met enters second week

“Vicar! What are you doing in that cupboard with Mrs. Drudge?”

Breaking: The New York Times‘ 24/7 all-Exterminating Angel all the time coverage continues as reports are received that soprano Audrey Luna, one 0f the singer trapped in this catastrophe, has been heard to sing a very high note. (Photo: Ken Howard)

  • DerLeiermann

    She goes from A6 to A3 in her entrance.
    It’s madness

    • DonCarloFanatic

      It’s painful to hear, too. That ought to count for something when people set about composing.

  • CCorwinNYC

    Unfortunately the Wall Street Journal got to the sheep wranglers first.

  • Laurence Dankel

    Well, this latest bit of snark was predictable. It obviously irks you and PhD student James to have missed the boat on this one.

    • La Cieca

      This from someone whose entire Disqus history consists of spelling flames.

      • Paul Pelkonen
      • Laurence Dankel

        No, but it DOES irk me to know that I’m expected to know what Disqus is. Well, I’m off to reread the libretto of “Girl of the Golden West” to fill the holes in my education.

        • La Cieca

          You are using Disqus to comment on parterre. For the moment anyway.

          • Laurence Dankel

            I sense a threat.

            • La Cieca

              You’ll have nothing to worry about from now on.

  • Camille

    The first time I listened it sounded like an A flat, but then I went to the piano and listened again, and sure as schite, it was a very brief A natural, what is that, A6?

    It may as well be high Q# for all that matters and as far as musicality is concerned.

    However, the freak show aspect of this œuvre is becoming increasingly alluring, like ‘it’s so bad it’s gotta be good? I’m beginning to consider the HD…..hmmmm………………….someone tell me I shouldn’t go as it may be dangerous for senior citizen’s health.

  • I dunno. I listened to that clip twice and heard a non-descript note that may have landed on some kind of pitch. On another note, I’ve heard young Canadian soprano, Ambur Braid twice hit a sustained, full-throated high G. Far more excited than Luna’s squeek.

  • Kullervo

    Well shit, Mariah Carey sang four F#7s at the end of ‘Emotions’ on the Arsenio Hall show.

    I truly love the article, though. I love that he consulted with the archivist, spoke with Ades, had them film Audrey in her dressing room… It’s pure unadulterated opera nerd frivolity and I’m totally here for it.

    And it gives me an excuse to post this.

  • Betsy_Ann_Bobolink

    Anybody with more knowledge than I, please feel free to correct me, but I’m under the impression that Rachel Gilmore sang an A, fairly sustained and moderately pleasant, in her single outing as Olympia several seasons back.

  • The Dybbuk

    Just a note to say that JJ’s review rightly skewers this shriek fest, particularly when compared with the adulatory stuff elsewhere. Saw/heard this at ROH and after ‘The Tempest’ Mr Ades is now very much at the top of my must miss list.