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Born on this day in 1958 actor Trace Beaulieu.

Born on this day in 1920 bass Nicola Rossi-Lemeni.

Born on this day in 1923 baritone Renato Capecchi.

Born on this day in 1928 mezzo-soprano Beverly Wolff.

Happy 77th birthday tenor Eberhart Büchner.

Happy 75th birthday countertenor James Bowman.

Happy 73rd birthday mezzo-soprano Nadine Denize.

  • Lady Abbado

    The latest from Angela Gheorghiu:

    1. New roles she plans to take on: Desdemona (Otello), Amelia (Un ballo in maschera), Elisabetta (Don Carlo) and maybe Salomé in French in the version orchestrated by Richard Strauss for for Maria Cebotari.

    2. Manon Lescaut full opera recording in 2018, followed by doing the role on stage.

    3. She says recordings done together with Roberto were indeed exceptional, and she is now willing to sing with him again!

    Source in French:

    • PCally

      I’ll believe those will happen when I hear them for myself. If she couldn’t sing elisabetta in 2008, hows she going to do it ten years later?

      • Lady Abbado

        Maybe she has in mind a smaller house: this year she seemed in very good terms with the Opera in Palermo, touring with them with Tosca in Japan during summer and then doing a new production of Adriana Lecouvreur with the action moved to early 20th century I think.

        I’m curious what’s the team for Manon Lescaut: Pappano and Kaufmann? or Ramon Vargas, or Calleja?

    • southerndoc1

      What does anyone know about the revisions to Salome for Cebotari? Is that what’s used in the Covent Garden performance (the one with the croaking Hongen)?

      • fletcher

        Is this a second French version? There’s of course the 1907 French (Wilde) version which Strauss worked on soon after the German-language premiers -- there are some good letters between Strauss and Romain Rolland about Strauss’s difficulties with French prosody from 1905 -- if there’s a second Cebotari version it would be from three decades later, I guess.

        • southerndoc1

          From the interview, sounds like AG is thinking of doing the Cebotari version with the 1907 French text, maybe? There’s no reason that Cebotari herself would have sung it in French.

          • fletcher

            Of course you’re probably right, I’m not sure Cebotari ever sang anything in French (there’s some Bizet in German on YouTube). I did a little digging and haven’t found anything about a revision for Cebotari though. Anyway Salome was sung in French in Paris at least till the 1930s, and there’s a mention of a 1930 revision (or at least reduction) by Strauss for a performance at the TCE, presumably of the 1907 French version. I’d be curious to know the story behind any of these versions too!

      • Camille

        June Anderson sang that Salome en français several years back now--was it in Liège,
        I no longer recall--and believe that if you google around parterre--you’ll come up
        with some page on it which may provide some background detail. I’ll look as well.

        • Off topic but Camille I just wanted to check you saw I posted a YT Jérusalem in French.

          • Camille

            Oh yes, that I did see and appreciate your remarks —

            MAH! personally have a dreadful time listening to Italian singers in French, and had not decided nor been able to listen yet to your version, nor the one from Liège, and am without the music and would have to go grab a score of Lombardi as I doubt there is one of Jérusalem at NYPAL. It’s another homework assignment and I have been too busy. Also, I was never sold on Gasdia, but maybe I just had one poor experience of her. Carrolli and Lucchetti I always liked and admired, so maybe I’ll just give it a roll. Thanks for reminding me.

            Conversely, I have heard it as “Gerusalemme”, in an odd turnabout of a translation back into Italian, making it the one Verdi opera to have the three faces of Eve. Other than the manifold faces of Don Carlos I don’t know of another which had so many re-writes.

            As Lombardi is on the menu for next year, I think, at the Met, I really need to get listening to it as it is long and one gets lost somewhere in the desert of the Holy Land.

            • Just wanted to be sure you hadn’t overlooked it. Things can sink out of sight so quickly here!

    • Camille

      Wondering what Aleksandra Kurzak will have to say about Ange’s “invitation” to Roberto?!?

      Cose dell’altro mondo….

    • I’m a fan of Gheroghiu at her best but this list is rather laughable.

      I can’t possibly see the Verdi roles happening outside of the recording studio.

      I might be able to see her getting through Manon Lescaut since she’s had some success with Tosca.

  • DerLeiermann

    No buzz on Ailyn Perez tackling Thaïs?

    • Camille

      Indeed, I can hardly wait for this Saturday’s broadcast and hoping she will knock it out of the park in this role, a big step up at the Met for her.