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Broadcast: The Exterminating Angel

Flock to the first live free web broadcast in North America of the Adès-on favorite of critics and public alike, starting at 7:55 this eve.

  • La Fanciulla del East

    Is it just me or did the stream start in a weird way? Almost like it jumped in in the middle of a phrase.

  • H_Badger

    lol one comment

    • Pity. Saw it last night and found it sensational! Like an Albee play set to music, with vivid, grotesque, thought-provoking, and truly inventive orchestrations and writing for the voice. Set and staging were also unforgettable. The audience exploded. What a delight.

      • Leontiny

        I want to see it live too before commenting.

      • chasgoose

        Saw it last night too, and I’ve seen the movie multiple times but only after seeing the opera, which was brilliant, did I suddenly conn ft it to Albee. I’d love to see what Adès could do with A Delicate Balance.

        • Funny, I was just remarking to someone that this opera in many ways reminded me of Delicate Balance — both works dealing with people entrapped, literally and figuratively, by their bourgeois privilege.

          • chasgoose

            Yeah, I’m a big Bunuel and Albee fan, and I had never made that connection before until seeing Exterminating Angel on stage, in my defense they work in different modes, not just film v. theater, and Ades and his . But I went back in my mind through Albee’s work and realized he was kind of the American Bunuel, just on stage instead of film.

            What I loved so much about this opera is that it managed to capture Bunuel’s detached surrealism, while imbuing it with a sort of operatic emotional feel that in many ways exceeded the source material, at least on what I think the movie was getting at.

  • Donna Annina
    A fascinating look into the Bunuel film, what Ades hits and misses, if that makes any difference.