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“Everywhere love stories are exactly the same”

Born on this day in 1944 cinema and stage director Patrice Chéreau

Born on this day in 1739 composer Carl Ditters von Dittersdorf.

Born on this day in 1898 tenor Giuseppe Lugo.

Born on this day in 1906 film, stage and opera director and designer Luchino Visconti.

Born on this day in 1907 baritone Sigurd Björling.

Happy 87th birthday composer Harold Farberman.

Happy 75th birthday soprano Ruth Falcon.

Happy 74th birthday soprano Faye Robinson.

Born on this day in 1946 composer and conductor Giuseppe Sinopoli.

Happy 63rd birthday soprano Marie McLaughlin.

  • grimoaldo2

    Wonderful account of the fab Nabucco overture, thanks!
    I don’t know why “Montagg mit Marianne” no longer appears here (did JML get fed up with our non-Poulenc listening?) but I hope JML and La C don’t mind if I point out an addition to JML’s soundcloud, Meyerbeer’s Italian semiseria opera “Margherita d’Anjou”-
    Splendid performance from Festival della Valle d’Itria from a few weeks ago.
    “Listening to Margherita d’Anjou (1820) one can’t help but wonder at how first the Wagnerian and then the Nazi damnatio memoriae that has stricken Giacomo Meyerbeer’s opus has managed to dissociate his name from the canon of opera up to this very day, and you will generally ponder on the arbitrarity of the surviving opera repertoire. The performance seen at the Festival della Valle d’Itria in Martina Franca was the first staged in modern times. You won’t find many instantly memorable arias, but you witness a constant succession of quietly beautiful moments, which make it worth rediscovering this veritable gem.”
    The production moves the action from the English Wars of the Roses to the modern day with squabblling fashionistas. T
    There is an amazing coloratura tenor named Anton Rositskiy, instead of being a French count in love with the deposed English queen in this production he is a pop singer, clip from the show, really worth checking out:
    There is a studio recording based on the concert performances by Opera Rara in London at the Festival Hall with Annick Massis and Bruce Ford, which I was fortunate to be able to attend-
    Review ends:”Both this opera and this production deserve to be seen again in theatres.”
    I hope they are!

  • Chéreau’s production of From The House Of The Dead will be on in Paris starting November 15:

    • fantasia2000

      Are you going to see it, NPW? I’m heading back to Paris for Thanksgiving for this, Lully’s “Ballet Royal de la Nuit” at Versailles (I think this is going to be a spectacle!) and the opening night of Meyerbeer’s “Le prophète” in Berlin! Last season Salonen-Chéreau combo of “Elektra” at the Met was such an experience, so I hope lightning does strike twice! ;)

      • grimoaldo2

        ” I’m heading back to Paris for Thanksgiving for this, Lully’s “Ballet Royal de la Nuit” at Versailles (I think this is going to be a spectacle!) and the opening night of Meyerbeer’s “Le prophète” in Berlin!”
        Oh, I am also going to be at the opening night of Meyerbeer’s “Le prophète” in Berlin! Second circle, row one, seat 18. Skinny guy in a bow tie. I have no idea who you are but come and say hello!

        • fantasia2000

          Oh that’s wonderful! Will look for you, grimoaldo2! I’m not sure what I’ll wear or where I sit, but I’ll be there! I have high hopes for Gregory Kunde and Clementine Margaine, and hopefully Olivier Py delivers! :)

      • Yes, I have it towards the end of the month. I had to move the date back as work is taking me out of town again.

        • fantasia2000

          Cool! My ticket is for 11/24. Hope yours as well so I can say hello. I’m also going for Clemenza di Tito with Michael Spyres and Aleksandra Kurzak on the 23rd.

  • Camille

    ON THIS DAY…Unser Allerliebste Jungfer Marianne has most certainly trekked out to the ZentralFriedhof to clear away crud and bestow a wreath of flowers on Die Heilige Leonie’s Grave.

    To thank die Jungfer, (whom many of us miss a great deal), I ‘d like to play for her this song, written for and about this very day, as sung by one of her favourite singers.

    Anyway, Leonie didn’t do Lied. Lots of Love to you.

    • grimoaldo2

      Yes, having spent last evening very much enjoying “Margherita d’Anjou” on JML’s soundcloud site tonight I was enraptured by “Jérusalem” thanks to the same-
      It is Verdi’s reworking of “I Lombardi” to be his first French grand opera. although some of the music is the same it is very very different from the earlier Italian work, some things I really miss in the French re-working, no banda marches for instance, no mini-violin concerto as an introduction to the famous “Baptism” trio and no violin obbligato all the way through that trio.
      But there is a lot of wonderful newly composed music for the French version, intensely enjoyable ballet music also, included here in a very recent performance from Liège. I have never listened to “Jérusalem” all the way through before and enjoyed it so much.
      Cuban-American soprano Elaine Alvarez is just wonderful in this performance, such a pleasure to hear, meets all the fearsome demands of the music with no sense of strain. I never can understand how it is that some singers make it to the “A-list” opera houses and stay there while others, who are much better, don’t.
      If you see this JML many many heartfelt thanks!

      • Camille

        Hey, grimo--day before yesterday we listened to a broadcast of the Sutherland/Bonynge Huguenots and marveling at all the orchestral invention. It made me think of you, too. I’ll try and give the Margherita a listen some time when I can. The Jérusalem I have listened to, in a rather funky version from Venezia and translated BACK into Italian--thinkng it is La Gencer who does the honours. MYTO. Probably should listen to the French version as I may like it better. I do hope that Lombardi scheduled for next season with the Fab will not be cancelled!

      • Nelly della Vittoria

        Grimoaldo, in wandering through the (small) recorded world of Jérusalem available on the internet, I came across Elaine Alvarez and this thrilling account of “Quelle ivresse! Bonheur suprême…” and went looking to see if anyone here had spoken of her, and lo and behold, of course someone had.

  • PCally

    How could I not be aware of these performances:

    This is one of the finest stagings of a Mozart opera I’ve ever seen. Chereau just manages to highlight the deep pathos of these relatively stock scenarios and characters with greater depth and understanding than any director I can think of. The stage pictures he creates just with singers was a revelation for me and is what made me clue into different ways music drama can be effectively be done.

    The man was a genius.

    • Daniel Swick

      And Lucio Silla is such a wonderful score… gorgeous and ridiculous and sublime.

  • Camille