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Rawls debut

Arnold Rawls will sing the role of Calàf in tonight’s performance of Puccini’s Turandot, replacing the originally scheduled Aleksandrs Antonenko, who is ill,” says the Met’s press department.

  • Gleba McHamish

    Francesco Anile also covered Mr. Antonenko’s third act of Turandot this past Saturday evening. Antonenko sounded like he was trying to power through, but it wasn’t to be.

  • jptommy

    Saturday night at the Met was awful. Mr. Antonenko did not sound well and Mr. Anile did his best, but it just was not working for him. The man bun and the fact that he is about a foot shorter than the leading lady did not help. Miss Dyka was shrill, squally and generally unpleasant to listen to. The scrim ripped in two at the end of act three when they tried to raise it. What a sad performance.

    • Gleba McHamish

      Thank you for reminding me about the scrim. I doubled over laughing when I saw it catch on the platform and start tearing… at least the crew stopped it halfway.

      On a previous viewing, one of the mask characters ripped the scroll banner in half at the reveal of the 2nd riddle.

      I think the production is trying to tell us it’s ready for retirement…

      • The pre-Bastille Paris Opera was like that all the time in the 80s: prop malfunctions and torn curtains and stage-hands creeping in to fix things… There was this fashion back then for whisking away flimsy gauzes but they caught on sets and pulled them down.

      • ER

        I was there too and I’ll just say, it was mediocre at best. The scrim rip was probably the most exciting part of the evening. Dyka sounded relentlessly squally and shrill-- it simply isn’t a Turandot voice, at least at the MET. Maria Agresta has a pretty voice but little physical or vocal presence. Antonenko, ironically, before he cancelled didn’t sound too bad to these ears (although he eschewed the C at the end of the riddle scene).