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Happy Halloween Parterrians!

Born on this day in 1928 director and interviewer August Everding.

Born on this day in 1931 soprano Bozena Ruk-Focic.

On this day in 1949 Marc Blitzstein‘s opera Regina opened on Broadway.

  • Here’s an unintentionally hilarious, Hallowe’en-appropriate video.

    • Dan Patterson

      Thanks for this, unknown to me, and definitely worth a gander. Less is more, but sometimes more is a hell of a lot of fun!

      • I.e. “Too much is never enough.”

      • I think she’s a great interpreter of this song, both live and in her studio recording (which is the sound track for this video). She sings vividly and does a good job of delineating the different voices. But I find this video over-the-top unintentional camp. But hey, she’s not boring!

        • Dan Patterson

          I agree. I saw her at the Met a number of times, plus concerts, and she was a magnificent singer, a fine artist. But yes, this video is a bit “over the top” as you say!

  • Rosina Leckermaul

    Went to the LOC RIGOLETTO last night. Fine performance. The audience particularly loved Rosa Feola as Gilda. Lovely singing. Quinn Kelsey was terrific — best I have heard since the golden age of American baritones in the last century (Merrill, Warren, MacNeil, Milnes). And he can act. Polenzani in good form. Marco Armiliato seemed to be really conducting and not just following the singers.

  • Camille

    Well, isn’t every day Hallowe’en for us parterrians? We all get dressed up and go to the opera house all the time, for a treat…or a trick…or something.

  • Nelly della Vittoria

    Anyone going to Utopia Opera’s Martha in the coming fortnight?

    • Camille

      Don’t know when, don’t know how, but I should not miss MARFA for the world!! Our ships will doubtless pass in the dark out there somewhere, Nell Del Vitt! We shall be able to compare notes, at the least.

      They are doing this show in German and I do wonder why, as it would translate very well into English, I suppose, particularly that last rose of summer, and one which we are currently experiencing with our late, warm autumn. Except today!

      • Nelly della Vittoria

        Ahh! I might go on Sunday the 12th, but let’s see! Yes, odd about the German, but in any case they have a commitment to getting buffa, comic operas, operas comiques, operettas and “light opera” right and make much, so often, from very little. I won’t soon forget the impression their Cendrillon made on me in that teeny theatre.

        • Camille

          Oh, that’s right, the Cendrillon. Missed it. Blink and it goes by one. Whenever we end up going (it depends on another’s schedule) I will carry a Zabar’s shopping bag filled with opera scores, alla Antonia Brico, so’s you’ll know me as I chug on by. Tootle-ooooo!!!

          And yes—in all my opera-Leben, I have never witnessed a troupe making so much, with so little--whyfore I am intrigued with their productions.