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Broadcast: Turandot

Bass James Morris marks his 1,000th Met performance in tonight’s broadcast of Turandot. He is pictured here with soprano Maria Agresta, who was born seven years after Morris’s Met debut as the King in Aïda on January 7, 1971.

The broadcast begins at 7:25 PM. Enjoy listening and discussing!

(Photo: Marty Sohl/Metropolitan Opera)

  • Cameron Kelsall

    Wow. When Morris made his debut, none of his current costars were even alive.

    • ER

      Wow, that’s impressive.

    • ER

      no one else is tuned in listening?

      In Questa is just starting.

    • DonCarloFanatic

      1,000 performances are to be celebrated.

  • H_Badger

    Well, someone’s got to break the ice, and it might as well be me. I mean, I’m used to being a hostess, it’s part of my husband’s work. And it’s always difficult when a group of new friends meet together for the first time, to get acquainted. So I’m perfectly prepared to start the ball rolling. In questa reggia is a bit shriekier than usual.

    • angry_pickle

      Too much screaming for sure. Maybe Christine Goerke’s Turandot didn’t have much high C strength but she sure was more musical than this Turandot.

      There were a lot of younger people in Family Circle and Balcony. I’m sure many of them had youtubed Turandot and what do you get when you look for Turandot? You get Birgit Nilsson. So the applause after Act 2 was the most mild and perfunctory I have ever heard with many folks leaving for the doors during curtain call.

      • H_Badger

        It seemed to start OK, but then got so consistently sharp.

        How was Anto?enko? He sounded very strong, although a bit uneasy in nessun dorma…

        • Cameron Kelsall

          Over the radio, I thought he sounded better than I’ve heard in years.

        • angry_pickle

          His voice was strong. His high C was big as Turandot’s. There was a ring to his high notes and they didn’t feel forced. I left after Act 2 because my legs were too cramped up but there is a part in Act 2 where he sings a hint of Nessun Dorma and it was pretty.

  • BearBones 54

    gawd…do i HATE THIS opera!… the only other one that comes close to my displeasure is “Frau”… for the same reason… unusually dispicable story-lines……!

    • ER

      oh dear we’d have to disagree. I think Frau is one of the most beautiful (and under-rated) operas out there! And the story, for all its preposterousness, has so much humanity in it.

      • PCally

        I’m a big frau person, the music is unbelievable and I think the two female leads are given music and text that allow singers to have their own take on the part. But the message at the end basically amounts to the empress and dyers wife coming to terms with their roles as baby makers and learning to stop putting themselves first. So I don’t really see the humanity, at least regarding the function of the two female leads within the narrative, who are both used to push a pretty misogynistic message imo.

      • Dan Patterson

        Frau is terrific. I like Turandot too, but prefer Fanciulla. But Frau is perhaps my favorite opera.

  • Steve Cohen

    I was at the performance last night, and I was very happy with it overall. Does anyone know why the intermission between Acts I and II was so long? The presentation to James Morris only took 5-10 minutes, but the intermission went to about 50 minutes. Trouble backstage?