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Truth is stranger than Anna

No, in fact Anna Netrebko‘s fashion innovations for her Asian tour did not include a “Truth or Dare” inspired coiffure à la Madonna, but it’s fun to think so, isn’t it? 

  • Camille

    Blonde hair = overkill.

    Girl doesn’t need it and I wonder why she is doing this. It’s always the ugly chicks who dye their tresses blonde, hoping to transform themselves. She doesn’t need to do that! Did Liz Taylor need blonde hair? Nope. Neither does Nebs.

    Some streaks or ombré--okay. Bionda--no.

    • southerndoc1

      But how did she get hold of my mother’s tablecloth to make her dress?

      • Camille

        That I don’t mind so much--it’s kinda Wiener Werkstätte looking?

        It’s this blondine phase she’s going thru--keep passing on thru!

        Why not do a dramatic red--Rita Hayworth red--and then shake it to “Put the blame on Mame, boys!”?

        That would be golden and sell out faster than a striptease Salome any old day because who wants to look at another hoary old beaste Jokanaan?

    • La Cieca

      Well, actually…

      My guess is that Anna went blonde for the same reason Elizabeth did: because she thought it would be fun and because she is currently in a position that very few women in mid-career of any sort enjoy; that is, she has power and clout enough that she can dress and do her hair to please herself and not to please other people.

      The world giggled and bitched at how Elizabeth Taylor looked for half a century. Meanwhile, she had a hell of a time, married and slept with whom she liked, made movies, acted on stage and raised millions of dollars for worthy charities.

      • Camille

        Oh yes Cieca, I know about that momentary lapse and when she got old, too.

        BUT—I have bigger fish to fry now as I am TRAUMATIZED by the spectacle of watching JUDY singing

        “I could go on singing, ’till the COWS--COME--HOME”

        and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to forget it or feel right again!

        What was that FILM supposed to be all about? WHO put Dirk Bogarde and Judy Garland together as a couple? What happened to that little boy who played their son??? OMG, I am going for the cold compresses and a quart of vodka, right NOW!

        • Dan Patterson

          Now, now! I love that movie, especially her final song.

        • southerndoc1

          “Everything from Faust to Inka -- Dinka -- Dink”

          Probably the worst line of Harburg’s distinguished career -- and Garland let him know it.

        • southerndoc1

          Can’t we assume that Judy is herself, and Dirk is doing a Mark Herron imitation?

      • Camille
    • Daniel Swick

      She’s Russian, darling.

      • Camille

        Isn’t she a Kuban, Kossack, gypsy or something exotic? Russia is a rather small portion of the former USSR. Not everyone looks like they stepped out of a dating catalogue.

  • Ivy Lin

    Anna has a great voice but totally fugly sense of style.

    • DonCarloFanatic

      Anna has gone in for distracting the eye from figure flaws. The louder the outfit, the better. Her ploy works.

      I don’t see the point in criticizing her taste in clothing or hair. She’s never going to be a sedate, restrained woman in a classic little black dress. I hope.

      • Rick

        I find Ms Netrebko’s (and, for that matter, her husbands) sense of taste somewhat off -- but then, as my partner will be the first to tell you, I do not have the most neither secure nor adventurous style myself. But I find referring to Ms Netrebko’s shape as “figure flaws” both rude and borderline misogynistic. Because a woman in her mid forties does not have a body like a super model (or as she herself had at 20, she has “figure flaws”? Come on.

        I also think darker hair suits Ms Netrebko better. Another diva, Ms Scotto, also turned blond -- but, as far as I recall, much closer to her “golden years” and probably when her hair started to (or was) naturally grey. I think it suited her quite well.

      • La Cieca

        I think you need to keep in mind what La Cieca has said before about exhibitions of mind-reading. (She doesn’t find them amusing.)

        And the use of term “figure flaws” to mean “not a size six” is pretty offensive too.