Cher Public

Happy coming out day!

La Cieca and the gang down at parterre box wish Michael Fabiano and everyone else in the world a joyous 29th anniversary of National Coming Out Day!

  • La Cieca

    Cher public, La Cieca needs your assistance for the next few days. Due to some intemperate language on the part of our own JJ (now retracted and apologized for), parterre’s access to Facebook will be limited for the next week.

    In the meantime, can you continue getting the word out about parterre stories you like by clicking on the “share” button at the foot of the article?

    That will give you the option of posting a link to the parterre story either on your own Facebook wall or else to any opera-related groups you happen to belong to.

    Thank you all!

    • Camille

      What did that boy do NOW, La Cieca??

      You’d best get that stiff rod out of the closet and discipline him as there is just no telling where this may all end, my dear!

      Why, it may all end in scandal and ruination! And Worst of All—Just Think What the Neighbors will Say! Tut, tut….etc.

  • Ivy Lin

    Uh … I hate to ask but … what did I miss?

  • quoth the maven

    I have noticed that JJ can be a bit intemperate on FB with Trump-loving imbeciles.

  • Bill

    It ‘came out’ in an interview with Juan Diego Florez in
    Vienna a day or two ago that he is planning to sing in Rossini’s William Tell in Vienna before the end of Meyer’s tenure as Intendant which ends with the 2019-20 season. Vienna had a Pountney production of the opera 1998-2001 in French with Giuseppi Sabbatini (whatever happened to him ?) as Arnold plus Hampson and Nancy Gustafson (another singer who disappeared but probably teaches someplace) but it had maybe only 23 or so performances. Florez, of course, is moving into heavier territory but the high notes required should not be an effort for him

    • CCorwinNYC

      I have read in connection to his new Mozart CD that Florez would like to sing Tamino and Tito and possibly Idomeneo, His first Hoffmann comes in January in Monte Carlo.