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Dmitri Hvorostovsky is alive, his wife assures us

UPDATE: Florence Hvorostovsky has just posted to her Facebook page that the Russian news site reporting her husband’s death is mistaken. “My husband is fine and sleeping happily next to me,” she writes. (Photo via Askonas Holt.)

  • Clarissa

    Rest in peace, Dmitry…. You will be forever in my heart

  • grimoaldo2

    What awful news. I am shocked and very sad.
    Thanks for everything you gave the world Dima.

    • Cheryl Johnson

      Everyone loves Dima. Florence could have been forthcoming. This was the day he entered hospice. He was not sleeping Sr her side. Many are willing to donate money on behalf of research for this disease. My guess is glioblastoma. Well never know

      • Armerjacquino

        1: I really had to pinch myself and double check you were criticising his widow (at the time, the wife of someone critically ill) for what she chose to reveal of their personal, private life. Not a good look.

        2: If you’re sitting in a chair next to a hospice bed in which someone is sleeping, ‘sleeping happily next to me’ is a perfectly accurate description.

      • PCally

        Right because it was somehow her responsibility to be forthcoming about her private life to a bunch of strangers on a blog

      • Porgy Amor

        Many are willing to donate money on behalf of research for this disease.

        And, on the late singer’s official Facebook, the family has asked those people to do that in lieu of sending flowers. They have provided a link.

        Not knowing his precise diagnosis should not impede anything. A lot of people with various cancers are in Hvorostovsky’s situation of two and a half years ago. Many of them have nothing like his resources and access.

        For what it’s worth, I thought the Hvorostovsky family managed the situation as well as anyone could have. They kept the lines of communication open, provided the information they were comfortable providing, and asked that his fans respect the boundaries.

  • Rowna Sutin

    Speechless . . . so young . . . I thought modern medicine could save him :(

    • Clarissa

      He is alive!

  • JR

    So sad

  • WindyCityOperaman
  • Ygor C.S.

    Oh, no! I had to google several news before I could believe it. Hvorostovsky was without a doubt my favorite baritone of the present days, gifted not only with a very beautiful voice, but also one of the most elegant singing styles I’ve heard from a baritone. May he rest in peace, and I hope he had some final moments of joy and love before his passing away. I think one of the most beautiful things he ever sang was the moving duet with Natasha before Andrei’s death:

  • Ildar Abrazakov says this is not true..fake news..????????

    • Paulo Lochs

      He died. She cannot accept it…

      • Johnny

        You’re out of your fucking mind

      • Clarissa

        He is alive

      • Ygor C.S.

        Yet another bel canto Mad Scene? LOL

  • Ygor C.S.

    Hey! Aida Garifullina has just stated in her Instagram account that this is fake news.

  • H_Badger
  • grimoaldo2

    Hooray, he isn’t dead after all!
    It’s like the libretto of an opera….

    • Ygor C.S.

      Hearing the last news, I immediately played this:

      • grimoaldo2

        Yes I thought of that too, you beat me to it. Always great to have an excuse to listen to that fab cabaletta.

      • Dan Patterson

        That’s better than I remember, but not quite as spectacular as Sutherland’s first recording of it:

        • Camille

          Oh that one is SURREAL!

          I have never recovered from it.

        • Ygor C.S.

          (in murmured voice) Yes, I agree, young Sutherland had and has no parallels. LOL

          Btw, exactly today, seven years ago, La Stupenda passed away. She really changed my life (and saved the sanity of my ears) ever since I heard her first 1962 Traviata when I was 8.

  • QuantoPainyFakor
    • Camille

      Yes, that’s what I thought of, too. Thank God!

      Florence, you give those yellow journalists HELL!!!

      And his birthday is coming up this week on the 16th so we should give him a BIG party!!

    • Camille

      Here he is singing it as well.
      “È salvo…” starts around 5:55.

  • Susan Szbornak

    Callas answered my prayers!!!!!!!!!!

  • My husband is fine and sleeping happily next to me!!!! Fuck these people to write such things!!! Parterre…some noive…you left out the FUCK

  • Camille

    Has there yet been any explanation coming forth of the whyfore of this OUTRAGEOUS piece of Untruth?!? PRAVDA, indeed!

    Even in this beknighted age of “Truthiness”, this was WAY beyond the pale. Poor old Camille nearly had an infarto of her own, upon first reading this “news”. Pacem.

    • Russian fake news. We should be used to that by now, I guess.

      • Camille

        But Pravda has been publishing fake news for decades already now. I wonder if Dima has got on the wrong side of someone in power or something?

        Hey kashania! Did you get the real news about Argerich’s concert being broadcast via, on the night of the 20th? At least you can hear her!

        • Yes, I did get the news. Thank you! Alas I will be on my way out of town that night. But honestly, I’m not coveting the opportunity to hear her on the web. I want to experience Martha in Person!

          • Camille

            right. not the same at all. well, i’ll give you an exclusive, no holds barred “i was there!!!!!!!” report, that is, IF i get in!!!

            have fun out of town!

  • Metis

    more fake news.