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“The first day I arrived, they told me to go home and get rid of that cold”

Born on this day in 1917 actress June Allyson

Born on this day in 1914 actor and singer Alfred Drake.

Born on this day in 1925 baritone Bryan Drake.

Happy 68th birthday composer Gabriel Yared.

Happy 81st birthday conductor Charles Dutoit.

Happy 62nd birthday cellist Yo-Yo Ma.

On this day in 1982 the musical Cats opened on Broadway.

  • Camille

    Does anyone know or have any suggestions as to where to sell or donate old 78 recordings? I have been told there is NO interest but there must be someone out there longing for these things and/or a collector. I mean, vinyl recordings are all now back in a big selection at Barnes & Noble, e.g.

    Well, if you have any ideas, please let me know as I am requesting this on behalf of someone who has a need of this information and Thank you all very well!

    • Greetings Camille! I know that you are well since your postings have had their customary knowledge, taste, and good spirit. (I have been Die schweigsame DeWinter of late, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t kept my beady gaze fixed on this essential site!)
      I would recommend that your friend contact Holdridge in Amityville, NY at 631-598-2409, or just go to
      They still hold an annual auction in January of cylinders, 78s, LPs, books, and such. The LP offerings aren’t much any more, but evidently there’s still a healthy interest and market for 78s. Your friend may do very well if they happen to have one of those legendary 1903 Fonotipia test pressings to escape Jean’s hammer. He was not pleased with the results they say.

      • Camille

        Why THANK YOU so very, very much!!!!!!!

        I SO appreciate this information Milady as it broke my heart to hear of Caruso landing in the dumpster, as was recounted yesterday evening.

        I’m raising a cup of Mariage Frères in your honour and thanking you so much for this kindest of interventions. Big kiss!!!!!!!!

  • Camille

    Anyone needing a good Mozart score?

    The Juilliard Store is currently having a sale on many items, including 20% off Bärenreiter scores of Mozart and possibly a few others.

    Hope this pastes through —


    Go to 49:19..I was there and i went NUTS//1010/28 Birthday