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Broadcast: La bohème

This broadcast from the Royal Opera House features Michael Fabiano and Nicole Car among the bohemians. The tearjerking and the discussion both begin at 1:30 PM.

  • Rowna Sutin

    Hi all. Anyone here?

    • Nelly della Vittoria

      I wasn’t, but have tuned in for a bit!

      • cielo e mar

        Listening, but not for much longer. Between Fabiano and Pappano, I’m worn out. Fabiano has sounded manic/frantic since the beginning. Top notes (from A up) are raw, gravelly. Pappano exaggerates everything and tends to rush.

  • Rowna Sutin

    How come I never heard of this wonderful Mimi!

    • Nelly della Vittoria

      Doing rather well, isn’t she?

      • Rowna Sutin

        She was so wonderful in this role. Two new Mimis -- Angel Blue and Ms. Car. Both fabulous with very different kinds of voices.

        • Nelly della Vittoria

          And I see she did quite an assured-sounding Fiordiligi in Berlin, too.

    • Ygor C.S.

      Nicole Car’s recent first album has been one of the best findings of mine in the last 3 years at the least. If she sounds half this good live, she’s a great new name. And I don’t really thin her voice is put to its best use in Mimì. It sounds perfect for Slavic and Verdi roles, though.

  • Camille

    Not really listening to the San Francisco broadcast but hisband had it on and as I walked into the room I heard a very good soprano and tenor but don’t know which one they might have been. Husband said it was “not bad”, the opera, that is.

    Where is m. croche when one really NEED him?

    Did anyone hear the ‘Red Chamber’ live and in person?

    • Yige Li

      The tenor’s name is Yijie Shi whose major career is in Europe specializing in bel canto (especially Rossini) operas.

      Here’s his info on operabase:

      • Camille

        Very good thing to know and thank you.