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Anna on the Hill

According to a scan posted on Anna Netrebko‘s Instagram, the diva has received a contract from the Bayreuth Festival. Presumably her performances there will be in the summer of 2019 as Elsa in a revival of Yuval Sharon‘s production of Lohengrin conducted by Christian Thielemann

The other (slight) possibility is that Netrebko may be cast as Elisabeth in 2019’s new production of Tannhäuser.

  • Bill

    How would Netrebko singing either Elsa or Elisabeth in
    Bayreuth in 2019 fit in with the rumors that she may be singing
    Lisa in Pique Dame at Salzburg also around 2019?
    Her appearance as Elsa, Elisabeth or Lisa anywhere would,
    in any case, be welcome.

    • PCally

      In the interview La Cieca linked to, I believe she said 2018 was the summer she was planning on singing Lisa.

      • La Cieca as Lisa? Wow!

      • Bill

        PCally -- but I had read in the Austrian press (from Holender) that Netrebko would not be in Salzburg at all in 1918 as she and her hubby were making a very lucrative world concert tour at that time. From the timing and the long rehearsal periods for events at both Salzburg and Bayreuth few singers would venture new productions or major revivals at both Festivals in the same season.

        • manou

          Concert tours would be very perilous at that time in view of world events.

  • Christian Ocier

    After her ravishing Elsa with Thielemann, I can’t wait to hear what she can offer to other parts in the Wagnerian canon. This is exciting news!

  • Christian Ocier

    Out of curiosity: does anyone know why Tannhauser is so sparsely performed in Bayreuth when compared with the other 9 operas?


    Are they gonna put her in the rat costume?!?!

  • Satisfied

    Just a random question (in that it literally does not affect me in any way shape or form…but curious all the same), does Byreuth pay scale? I only ask because it seems like a rare thing for them to get a star singer of this magnitude.

    • Baron Douphol

      Placido was rumored to signing on for the Dutchman a year or so ago but he’d probably sing it for free, if they let him. Probably just “faux” news,

  • Camille

    It would be great if she would take the Birgit Challenge and do Venus/Elisabeth. Now THAT I’d pay for!

  • Baron Douphol

    But unlike Birgit I want to hear her do it in the Paris version, not the Dresden. Now that’s a Venus

    • Camille

      Right! That goes without saying but it would be TOO much already! Better yet, just have her sing the Parisian Venus in the latest styles from Dior. or Balmain or whomever is edgiest nowadays.

  • Baron Douphol

    OK with me in a Venusberg designed by Renzo Mongiardino, if he’s still alive.