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“What are old friends for?”

Born on this day in 1923 actress Glynis Johns

Born on this day in 1924 baritone Matteo Manuguerra.

Happy 82nd birthday soprano Arlene Saunders.

  • La Cieca
    • Camille

      What? Is Joan Crawfod to sing the Tosca now instead?

      Did she suddenly decide she doesn’t want to do it and we’ll get KO’d instead?

      Morir m sento.

  • DerLeiermann

    I adore Glynis Johns. She was so beautiful , her eyes are somewhat of her trademark and her speaking voice — the tone, so incredibly clear and sweet . I’ve heard many versions of “Send in the clowns” some by far more capable singers , but in very few versions can one truly hear the foolishness that Desiree feels as in her’s.



  • QuantoPainyFakor

    Hiding on the Internet before a final scene from Salome with Grace Bumbry in Vienna, this minute and seven seconds from a rehearsal of Die Frau ohne Schatten with Rysanek, King, and Nilsson!

    • Camille

      That was fun, thanks! Gracie actually managed to sound kike a soprano here. I never believd like I did with Verrett but she did all right some of the time.

      • Laurence Dankel

        Kike? They have that in auto-correct?

        • Sanford Schimel

          So she sounded like a Jewish soprano?

        • Camille

          No, they have a “k” to the immediate left of an “l” on the standard QWERTY keyboard from which, I presume, you are firing your arrow at my (inferred) ethnic epithet slur, and which quite frankly anyone with any sense would have known was a typo.

          Good evening.

          • Laurence Dankel

            Personally, I think anyone with any sense would take a moment to proofread the things they send into the ether.

            • fletcher

              Personally, I think anyone with any sense would understand how autocorrect works and then fuck right off.

            • Laurence Dankel

              Are you sure you meant to type “fuck”? Perhaps something less vulgar? But according to the original poster, autocorrect was not involved. But I appreciate your chivalrous defense of a lady.

            • La Cieca

              Cool the jets a bit, please.

            • Camille

              zzzzzzzzzzzz………hello Clita!

  • fletcher

    It’s too bad I can’t find it on YT but I have a magnificent live Don Carlos en français with Manuguerra with the best Rodrigue death scene I’ve ever heard -- what a voice.

    • Laurence Dankel


      • fletcher

        You seem tired.

        • Laurence Dankel


    • jackoh

      I saw Manuguerra live in Rigolleto a lot of years ago. It was spectacular; an absolute highlight of my opera experiences. You are correct, “what a voice.” I don’t understand why he doesn’t receive more acclaim.

    • CCorwinNYC

      Manuguerra In Verdi in French--Monfort in Vepres Siciliennes from 1967.

      • fletcher

        Thanks for this -- interesting because the Don Carlos I was referring to is also from ’67, with Le Conte leading the ORTF orchestra, and with Jacques Mars as Philippe. I wonder if they were a joint project?