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Once again

Happy 68th birthday filmmaker Pedro Almodovar

Born on this day in 1683 composer Jean-Philippe Rameau.

Born on this day in 1718 composer Nicola Conforto.

Born on this day in 1868 poet and librettist Jaroslav Kvapil.

Born on this day in 1886 composer Jesús Guridi.

Born on this day in 1896 composer Roberto Gerhard.

Born on this day in 1899 baritone Dennis Noble.

Born on this day in 1915 soprano Gerda Lammers.

Born on this day in 1927 conductor Colin Davis.

Happy 64th birthday soprano Rita Cullis.

Happy 63rd birthday soprano Adelina Scarabelli.

  • aulus agerius

    Has anyone seen Gregory Spears’ Fellow Travelers? I just became aware of it and would consider seeing it next year in either St. Paul or Chicago. I listened to the YT selection, “Our Very Own Home” and it is unusually effective -- fascinating, really. I can’t help but think of Britten’s writing for Pears as an extra layer to it. I read the novel yesterday and have been quite disturbed by it…..lots of questions. The novel had a lot of filler about McCarthyism and Roy Cohn which I largely skimmed. I’ve seen a lot of contemporary opera and am open to it and I wonder about this one.