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Broadcast: Otello

In a classic live performance from more then 50 years ago, Montserrat Caballé is Desdemona to the Otello of James McCracken, conducted by Zubin Mehta. The broadcast begins at 2:00 PM EDT.

  • Cara Speme

    The audience seems to be really involved.. And there were no surtitles then. In some ways, I miss that we had to really study the opera before we went. At least you have a choice at the Met to read the titles or not. Oh well… times change.

    But Gobi’s Credo was great. They would not let singers get so into it these days, way too cautious.

    • Baron Douphol

      Surtitles not needed. Having attended two of these performances , I can attest to the fact these were among the most thrilling Otellos I’ve ever seen. You knew exactly what was going on by what they were singing. It wasn’t just his Credo, Gobbi’s whole performance was phenomenal.

    • fletcher

      Who is ‘they’ here? Teachers, coaches? The director?

      • Cara Speme

        Ha! Good point. All of the above.