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Paul’s campaign

That most achingly lovely of contemporary operas, Gregory SpearsPaul’s Case—which Our Own JJ described as ” a perfect marriage of text and music”is on the way to being commercially recorded by UrbanArias via a Hatchfund campaign La Cieca urges you to join. The recording is to star the original Paul, the ineffably effable tenor (and Friend of the Box) Jonathan Blalock.

  • Donna Annina

    Gregory Spears has another recording out soon. Fellow Travelers is released Friday, digitally and on CD the 29th.

    • Leontiny

      A friend saw this and raved. I’m looking forward to its release. Thanks for sharing it.

      • Donna Annina

        When I reviewed it for this august site, I wrote that I was struck by how effectively Spears allows the words to sing. I hope you’ll hear that, too. The libretto is also first-rate.