Cher Public


So La Cieca has been hearing complaints lately that she is not linking to videos of Russian guys singing excerpts from La traviata while eating Tater Tots. 

  • Andrea Breth production?

  • Camille

    hmmm…..these boyz should invite Ainhoa Arteta over for Tater Tots & Traviata Toasts!

  • Cara Speme

    Thank you for addressing those complaints La Cieca. You are as gracious as ever in not disappointing your adoring fans,

  • Dave Yaney

    La Travi-otter

  • I suspect the tenor is a bit more than an amateur!

    Either way, I fear these guys may be breaking one or two Russian laws.

  • John L

    I thought potatoes and ketchup was an American thing lol.

  • Dame Kenneth

    I think I’m in love!

  • Savannah Dillard


  • MichaelStrickland

    That was oddly erotic and beautiful. And yeah, why aren’t there more links to Russian guys? Just because some of them were fatal to Hillary’s presidential chances is no reason to hate ALL of them.