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“No one provokes me with impunity”

On this day in 1543 Mary Stuart, at nine months old, was crowned “Queen of Scots.” 

Born on this day in 1828 writer Lev Nikolayevich “Leo” Tolstoy.

Born on this day in 1873 opera and stage director Max Reinhardt.

Born on this day in 1892 soprano Miriam Licette.

Born on this day in 1925 director and designer Filippo Sanjust.

Happy 92nd birthday mezzo-soprano Sona Cervená.

Happy 85th birthday baritone William Dooley.

Happy 81st birthday soprano Ute Vinzing.

Born on this day in 1945 conductor Richard Divall.

Happy 68th birthday conductor Adam Fischer.

Happy 42nd birthday singer Michael Buble.

  • aulus agerius

    A good friend saw Nadja Michael as Lady Macbeth in San Antonio last night and thought she was “wonderful”, acting and voice. She didn’t care for the WWII setting though…..”Why?”


    the dawn (almost death) of the LP era, Capitol records made an Aida and
    a Trovatore w.Stella Roman, and a mezzo(???) named Sylvia Sawyer.
    Along with Vassilka Petrova, Sawyer had us falling on the floor hysterical, especially her ITALIAN..Have fun!!!!

    • Apulia

      there’s an Aïda too, with Roman and Sawyer. How did these things happen? Anyone know anything about Sawyer?

      • Porgy Amor

        Just that she was a wealthy American woman who wanted to sing and could pay for sessions, and her co-stars collected their fees and kept straight faces. In fairness, she isn’t as bad as some with whom she’s been aligned (e.g., Florence Foster Jenkins).

      • How these people got on records is a mystery..Vasssilka Petrova,if you kn ow, paid for Remington recordings..but we had FUN!!!!!!!