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On this day in 1953 Carnival in Flanders (starring Dolores Gray) opened at The New Century Theater, to run six performances. 

Born on this day in 1841 composer Antonín Dvorak.

Born on this day in 1863 composer Gustavo E Campa.

Born on this day in 1921 composer Hans Ulrich Engelmann.

Happy 88th birthday conductor Christoph von Dohnányi.

Happy 84th birthday composer and festival director Eric Salzman.

Born on this day in 1932 singer Patsy Cline.

Born on this day in 1934 composer Peter Maxwell Davies.

Happy 69th birthday soprano Veronika Kincses.

  • Zac Denver

    I can’t imagine the pain there must be to put all that effort into financing, producing, rehearsing and performing in a Broadway show, only to have it close in less than a week! Am I wrong, or does that seem not to happen any more?

  • I just came across this treasure trove on YT. It includes extracts from Faust, Manon, Véronique… and the “turkey” duet from La Mascotte.

  • Never forget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The early passing of Tatiana Troyanos and Arlene Auger, birthdays remembered this week, remind me of all those artists we lost relatively young, or very young. We must always treasure what they meant in the music world. Here is a list from my memory, and I am sure you can add more:

    Tenors: Fritz Wunderlich,Jan Botha, Gosta Winbergh,Miguel Fleta, Richrd Versalle(on Met stage), Allan Crofoot,(suicide) Jerry Hadley (suicide), Jon Garris (murdered), Brian Sullivan (suicide),Peter Hoffman, Enrico Caruso,Yohihisha Jamaji (check Iris on Youtube),Jussi Bjoerling,David Poleri.

    Baritones: Leonard Warren(I witnessed his death on stage). Bruce Yarnell(husband of dear Joan Patenaude), Herman Uhde, Ron Bottcher

    Sopranos: Maria Callas, Maria Cebotari, Conchita Supervia, Claudia Muzio, Meta Seinemeyer,Mado Robin, Arlene Auger, Lucia Popp,Ruth and Patricia Welting

    Bassos: Giulio Neri

    Mezzos: Tatiana Troyanos, Gwynne Cornell(our dear friend), Irene Kramarich,Kathleen Ferrier

    I know there are more, and please add them to the list. It is unbearably sad that they left us so soon, but we do have memories of what they contributed.