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Unnatural prologue

La Cieca (not pictured) is actively searching now for a weekly audio or video feature to permanently replace the defunct “Montag Mit Marianne.” (If you are interested in creating such a feature, member of the cher public, your doyenne encourages you to contact her privately.) In the meantime, she hopes you will enjoy highlights from the classic “Unnatural Acts of Opera” archive such as today’s offering. 

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Posting this performance augurs well with the recent Salzburg festival concert performance with Stoyanova and Diego Florez, as well as Montsy’s and Joanie’s commercial recordings. The former includes the “Mentre geme il cor sommesso” cabaletta while the later omits it; Gennaro’s Act 2 recit and aria is excised for Kraus but included for Aragall.