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Diamanda is forever

Happy 62nd birthday composer and vocalist Diamanda Galas

Born on this day in 1862 playwright Maurice Maeterlinck.

Born on this day in 1897 tenor Helge Rosvaenge.

Born on this day in 1926 baritone Thomas Stewart.

Born on this day in 1928 tenor Michele Molese.

Born on this day in 1943 contralto Anne Collins.

  • Daniel Swick
    • Apulia

      just don’t tell you-know-who and it will all blow over

  • QueenAnne Guido

    I’ve spent many happy hours with Ms Galas when she toured and would perform in Seattle. She was lovely, friendly.

    When we picked her up at the airport she had a portable cd player with her. I asked what she was listening to. It was a collection of Doris Day songs. Yes, the OG Queen of the Goths loved Doris Day.

    Her version of the Supremes My World Is Empty Without You, Babe is a tonic. Worth a listen.

    Her Plague Mass was a stunning statement in the early, ugly days of the onslaught of AIDS. She was a warrior, a lion. She lost her brother in those early, horrible years. Her compassion is as generous as her indictments of the indifference that was so pervasive.

    She was working on a MEDEA but if she finished it I don’t believe it was released. It seemed like a perfect pairing.

    Many Happy Returns. Time to listen to Once I Had A Secret Love (my secret love’s no secret anymore).