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They’ll be gaga at the rogo!

Speaking of Vincenzo Bellini’s masterpiece, La Cieca hears that the controversial but parterre-acclaimed Norma of Cecilia Bartoli will tour to the Brooklyn Academy of Music in (our informant says) “an upcoming season.”


    If you can get her on a ship across the Atlantic. She doesn’t leave the continent. When was the last time she even sang in London? Remember the mini-tour of the US? Sold out in minutes and cancelled just as quickly. I try to have sympathy for people with massive neurosis but…

    • Satisfied

      I agree, I’ll believe it when it happens, but I really really want to see it come to fruition!
      I saw her in Ariodante last week and she’s in top form!

    • Last Castrato

      Well, I saw her sing in London in June. But it is supposedly true she’s extremely phobic about flying.

      • Nelly della Vittoria

        And after all the 2016 Norma was at the Edinburgh Festival, though I suppose she could have made that journey on a series of trains…

    • Yige Li

      But she did go to Japan. Apparently flying is not the problem.

    • CKurwenal

      She seems to turn up at the Barbican about as often as you’d expect for somebody of her calibre -- at least every couple of years or so, and as has been pointed out, she was at the Edinburgh festival last year. I don’t think she’s particularly shy of short haul travel. Just extremely choosy over her projects, understandably.

  • Nelly della Vittoria

    Oh, oh, oh, it’d be so magnificent if it did, but then it won’t, and I’ll just be sitting here weeping sad dormouse tears into my tea.

  • Willym

    I was in Salzburg for the Whitsun premiere back in 2013 and count it as one of the memorable nights of opera going which includes the Caballe-Vickers-Veasey Norma at Orange. Two very different takes that only went to prove what a great work it is.

  • Antikitschychick

    Excellent news! Thanks for the scoop LC. I’ve heard about her dislike of flying too but fingers crossed this actually happens.

  • DW

    I saw Bartoli sing a recital in Toronto, it was in conjunction with the Prohibita release I believe, and a rare excursion out of continental Europe. The keyboard continuo player fainted in the middle of a tune, and there was the whole, “Is there a doctor in the house?!!” scenario. Luckily there were several (at a classical music show?? OMG…) After an unplanned interval, the show continued, but everything was extremely heightened, even tense. CB who had previously been singing forth into the house now turned to keep this continuo player in her sightlines and the change in ensemble communication was extremely palpable. At one point in a slow aria she spun out an amazingly long line, and pretty much the whole house exhaled at the end of it; everyone had been unconsciously been holding their baited breath together. It wasn’t loud or very florid, just immensely controlled and tasteful, and loooong. One of my most memorable moments in a voice recital (a close runner-up being Jamie Barton singing Dvorak…). Anyways, for all her “crooning” and “mic singing”, Bartoli certainly has something of the sacred fire. Maybe I can skip down to NYC for the BAM show…

  • CCorwinNYC

    I heard Bartoli ten times in New York between 1990 and 2009 and there were several other appearances over that time which I didn’t attend. And of course one can still get to the US from Europe by ship.