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Vous ne pouvez pas rester ici toute seule

Slight change of plans, cher publc: this afternoon’s chat I think should center around a new Pelléas et Mélisande from the Vienna State Opera featuring Simon Keenlyside as Golaud. The broadcast starts at 1:00 PM.

  • Peter

    I know she’s past her prime but I thought Bernarda Fink sang her scene gorgeously.

    • Bill

      I listened to much of this Pelleas which was a new production and generally lauded by the Viennese critics and found it to be impressively sung and conducted. Vienna has
      not had Pelleas in its repertoire for some time -- After WWII it was not done until von Karajan conducted a very successful production in 1962 with Gueden, Gui, Hoengen and Waechter which was later revived for some performance in the later 1960s conducted by Baudo or Cluytens with Gui again but Jeanette Pilou, Bacquier and Grace Hoffman. In 1988 Abbado conducted a new production with von Stade, Le Roux, Christa Ludwig, Ghiaurov and some performances with Jose van Dam as Golaud and Pelleas was not done in Vienna at the Staatsoper after 1991 until this new production. So only a total of 32 performances of this opera from 1945 to this new production in June of 2017 at the Staatsoper. So thanks Jungfer for allowing us to hear this opera performance. The Met seems to do it once a decade or so
      (Sayou’s last role at the Met). I saw de los Angeles as Melisande at the Met circa 1963 and much later Pilou
      conducted by Levine -- also recall a lovely production at the City Opera with Patricia Brooks -- and saw it once only in Vienna with Maria Ewing and Abbado conducting.
      Vienna has Pelleas scheduled for some performances in
      October 2017 with a completely different cast except Keenlyside conducted by Harding (Christiane Karg as Melisande. In the performance posted Adrian Eroed (a baritone) was a later replacement for the originally cast tenor, who was Benjamin Bruns (largely a Mozart tenor)

      By the way Lise Davidsen will be making her Staatsoper debut as Ariadne in November of 2017 after success this summer in Glyndebourne -- she sounds wonderful on
      U-tube -- a youngish Flagstad -- Has anyone seen or heard her in performance ?

  • Willym

    I noticed that CBC doesn’t give the entire cast lists for any of the Saturday broadcasts. I thought I’d drop a note to the executive producer. I received a rather strange -- ever so pacifically-agressive -- reply from her:

    It’s tricky to know how many singers to credit each week. Endless lists of what are sometimes difficult names can put listeners off, and it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

    I’m thinking she could draw that line at assuming her audience are not dolts????

    • Cicciabella

      Translation: I’ve no idea which characters have the main and secondary roles in all these operas and no-one at the station feels like typing out and checking all these pain-in-the-posterior foreign names.