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Papa can you hear me?

Happy 58th birthday soprano Maria Guleghina

Born on this day in 1874 composer Reynaldo Hahn.

Born on this day in 1914 conductor Ferenc Fricsay.

Born on this day in 1928 soprano Dolores Wilson.

  • Camille

    Whilst perusing the Carnegie Hall website just the ofher day I happened upon the amazing fact that Guleghina will be singing on December 12th, courtesy of “Visiting Presenters” in Stern Auditorium, no less. Wondering WTF she is up to.

    I never cared for that blonde wig on her. Brunettes sometimes should remain brunette. Especially Assyrian slave girls.

    • Magpie

      I saw her in Palm Beach -- I think- and I could not figure out by the life of me if she was a lyric, spinto, dramatic, drammatico d’agilità, or traumatic. She confused me. Her voice was much better than what you hear in recordings which don’t seem to capture her “sound.” But her unevenness frustrated me. She would negotiate runs brilliantly just to labor on the next line. She would deliver a beautiful lyrical line with a softly controlled vibrato just to go into a wobbly traumatic delivery on the next, and so on. She, however, had you looking at her all the time. One of those that did not have to fidget every second to make you look at her!

  • fletcher

    I’ll always hold a special place for Guleghina in my heart, if based only on the terrific shriek she lets rip at the end of the Pappano Tabarro, which once prompted a neighbor to knock on my door to make sure everyone was okay.

  • Call me what you like..I was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOTHING compares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Apulia

      I will simply call you “properly appreciative”

  • Dan Patterson

    Speaking of Dolores Wilson, can the Parterriani solve a mystery for me? Sometime in the 90s, or possibly late 80s, I saw Mme. Wilson in a play in Philadelphia. I remember liking the play very much, but I’m hanged if I can remember the name of it. I think it was a respectable playwright, too -- maybe McNally or Innaurato? Wilson played the matriarch of an Italian family, and she called her ancient mother “Mammucc” or something like that. My aged, decrepit and failing brain would appreciate any help with this. Wilson was a riot, and since I only knew her from an ancient LP of DON PASQUALE highlights, I was glad to see her. She did not sing in the play, however. Any ideas?

    EVERY singing teacher and every singer should hear this..a model of phrasing,love of the vocal line…….

  • Susan Szbornak

    I met Ghoulie once at a backstage tour of the Met. My group was by the backstage elevators and I saw her waiting to for the next ride up. I broke with my group and ran over to introduce myself. I gushed, I mean, I grew up listening to her and I remember her looking at me with an emotionless stare….or maybe she was looking right through me. After I was done expressing my appreciation for her art, she stared at me for a second more and in very heavily accented English she tilted her head towards the backstage tour group and said ” you weeeth TOUR?” I nodded “yes” and turned to look to see where they were at. I quickly turned back to say something else to her and she had -- in the second I turned my head to the group -- entered the elevator with arms folded and leaning on the back wall of the elevator…I had to chuckle…she is quite the character…I kinda felt like I had met Turandot……