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What faith can do

Happy 60th birthday actress Faith Prince.

Born on this day in 1623 composer Pietro Marc’Antonio Cesti.

Born on this day in 1811 composer Ambroise Thomas.

Born on this day in 1868 composer Oskar Merikanto.

Born on this day in 1886 composer Oscar Espla.

Born on this day in 1890 conductor Erich Kleiber.

Happy 91st birthday composer Betsy Jolas.

  • Camille

    who is Faith Prince? Never heard of her/him.

  • aulus agerius

    Tickets for Odyssey L’Assedio di Calais in October just went on sale. Simultaneously announcement of Magda Gartner in lead role of Aurelio. Anyone heard or heard of or about her. Couple of meh clips on her website, imo as always. :-)

    • Saw the Glimmerglass Opera production last evening. It is a barn burner of an opera. Not typical Donizetti. It is filled with striking choruses and great duets. Audience reaction was huge and when i stopped into the local fine arts museum this morning, I overheard at least four groups of people or couples

      talking about enthusiastically. The Glimmerglass production was a powerful one, based on the look of besieged Aleppo with the inhabitants of Calais existing as best they could in the ruins of the city.

      • Camille

        I’m so glad to hear something positive about this; a friend of mine is attending and has piqued my interest in this work, especially after learning it was written in 1836, after Lucia, and as I tend to like most of his operas post-Lucia a lot more than the earlier ones I’m intrigued. Hope to get a review sometime soon.

        • Luvtennis


          I hope you are well. There is an Opera Rara recording that is worth a listen if you can find it. The booklet is a gem as is the case with most recordings in that series.

          Although Imelda di Lambertazzi (or Imelda di Hotsy-totsy as I liked to call it) is my fave….

          • Camille

            “Well”? As I asked my doctor last time I was there, and about my heart when she listened to my pulse, she countered with “As well as can be expected for a woman your age.”

            We creep along.

            Yes, those booklets had better be good as some of the singing ain’t all that. I have one of those fabulous gems, the I Vespri Siciliani, which shows the original protagonists in their gorgeous costumes. A booklet as fat as a calf. And that’s about it as I rarely have put on the recording after an initial spin for the singing is rudimentary and boring (BBC broadcast from ‘ 60’s I think).

            Imelda di Lambertazzi sounds like some form of a FIAT (automobile). I used to see the name on early parterre (pre-2000).

            Ciao, from the nursing home.

  • aulus agerius

    Of Midgette’s top 35 female composers I have heard of only 1 and actually heard 0 afaik.

    • Apulia

      and who, do tell, was the lucky one?

      • aulus agerius

        Kaija Saariaho. I have though listened to The Boatswain’s Mate by Ethel Smyth recently and La Esmerelda by Louise Bertin in the past, neither mentioned by Ms Midgette.

  • Damianjb1

    Hi all. Just wondering if anyone is going to Parsifal next Wednesday in Sydney with Jonas Kaufmann? If anyone is maybe we could meet for a drink etc. I’m going on my own so would love to have someone to catch up with at interval.

  • aulus agerius

    I decided on impulse to go next month to some performances of O17 #operaphila.
    I chose a Sat matinee of Kevin Puts’ Elizabeth Cree and the Sondra Radvanovsky recital the next day. Anyone else going?