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“And the usherette was all out of raspberry ripple lollies!”

Long-time followers of Norman Lebrecht will not be surprised in the least to hear that this headline appears over a story specifying which cinema in Manhattan is showing Kaufmann’s Otello.  

And blaming the entire debacle on… well, you’re way ahead of me, aren’t you?

  • cielo e mar

    In an Australian interview, Kaufmann says he will be back at the Met. Re next year’s Tosca, he says:
    “I can assure you that I offered them part of the shows, I wanted to
    sing there and I didn’t want to disappoint my fans in New York. I just
    didn’t want to be there for such a long time, so I said I’m offering
    part of the performances to someone else so that I can come later to
    rehearsals and not do all of the rehearsal process, whatever the deal
    would have been, whether it’s 50/50 or 60/40 or whatever, or whether I sing the first shows or the last shows – this was all on the table. And
    unfortunately, The Met decided to not take any of it, but take somebody else instead, and luckily they found someone, or they probably had him already in the pipe.”

    Whole story here:

    • Camille

      “they probably had him already in the pipe.”

      Considering that somebody, I’d say that is highly probable.

      It’s too bad we won’t see him again for a while but there is at least that great bleeding chunk of Tristan und Isolde with the Boston Symphony to look forward to next spring at Carnegie Hall. That’s not nothing. There is also, for the fans, the Schöne Müllerin recital coming up.

      Perhaps he’ll show up someday in a revival of that Otello which didn’t quite ignite at its debut a year or so ago.

  • Laura

    So basically he’s too lazy to do all the rehearsals?