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Power couple

On this day in 1954 TV host, composer and comedian Steve Allen married actress Jayne Meadows.

Born on this day in 1848 composer Robert Planquette.

Born on this day in 1929 bass Don Garrard.

Happy 86th birthday tenor Pedro Lavirgen.

Happy 77th birthday conductor Steuart Bedford.

Happy 73rd birthday soprano Patricia Wise.

Born on this day in 1958 soprano Deborah Riedel.

  • Kedem Frühling Horowitz Berger

    RIP JEANNE MOREAU!!!!!! :(((((((((

  • I miss the variety shows a lot. Steve Allen had one of the most interesting and intelligent of them all.

  • Newsflash: Philippe Jordan has just been announced as the next music director of Wiener Staatsoper, starting September 2020 when the new Intendant comes in. He is currently at Bayreuth conducting the new “Meistersinger.”

    • Liz.S

      Congrats!!! I’m so happy for the house and for YOU! ????

      • Bill

        Jordan conducted the Capriccio in Vienna which
        featured Renee Fleming -- and has been conducting the Vienna Symphony. He is only 41 -- interesting choice. I was kind of hoping the new direction would
        bring back Welser-Moest but Jordan seems to have been working his way up from Ulm (one of von
        Karajan’s first stations prior to Aachen). Let’s wish
        Jordan every success in a job fraught with musical
        politics (historically).