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“A. Netrebko Sings Oltrano”

Overhearing preparations for the Salzburg Aïda

? ??????? ???? ?? ????????? ????. With maestro Muti rehearing Aida.

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  • EarlA3


  • QuantoPainyFakor

    Beautiful, but she sure is getting chunky.

    • La Cieca

      One more remark like that and you will be banned for life.

      • CwbyLA


      • Patrick Cullen

        Well she has put on some weight you know. But I think the weight added a mellowness of sound to her singing.

  • Satisfied

    I was relieved to see this post on Anna’s Insta this morning. She usually posts a number of photos while in rehearsal but very few have come from backstage from the Grosses Festspielhaus. I was a little worried Anna was scared off by the Shirin Neshat production.

    Whew! Can’t wait to see this!

  • Magpie

    QPF…I think she will be “The” Aida of this generation and up there with Price, Tebaldi, etc that snippet was beautiful!…..But, what was she wearing? A snuggie ? a bathrobe? Did they give her that after she started taking down the white acoustic fabric of the venue (notice it is somewhat in disarray) ?
    Whatever she is wearing is making her rear look, well, Minaj-esque.

    • La Cieca

      Please post photographs of you in July rehearsing a Verdi opera in a non-airconditioned studio. Until you do so, shut the fuck up.

  • Satisfied
  • Leontiny

    Fucking great. She chooses her roles wisely. This promises to be as exciting if not more so than the Macbeth. Can’t wait. She certainly responds to Muti.