Cher Public

Broadcast: Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg

The cher public are invited to hear and comment upon the opening performance of the 2017 Bayreuth Festspiele, featuring a new production of Meistersinger directed by Barrie Kosky. Broadcasts from various sources begin between 9:45 and 10:00 AM EDT. (These daytime Bayreuth listening parties continue into next week.)

  • Parpignol

    just back from the Festspielhaus; totally involving production in the house, interesting movement between Wahnfried, the Nuremberg trials, Renaissance Nuremberg, very interesting connections between Hans Sachs and Walther (who seem to be the old Wagner and the young Wagner, with Eva starting out as Cosima); the act 2 riot as pogrom was kind of gripping, and kind of worked; very interesting connections between Sachs and Beckmesser who are closer than they realize in this production; and the chorus is scary, they are the Volk whom nobody can quite figure out or control; Volle is amazing, and I love the way that Vogt sounds in the Bayreuth acoustic; I did not like bringing on a fake orchestra at the end, pretending to play; no way to get the real orchestra out from the submerged pit; though they did play on stage yesterday for the Wieland Wagner centennial celebration, and, a little unexpectedly, sounded fantastic from the stage; playing Verdi! and Berg! I loved having Sachs deliver the final monologue alone on stage from the witness book; and Volle again really made it work… yes, there were a lot of boos for Schwanewilms, not quite her role perhaps, at this point, after so many Kaiserinnen, but I was shocked that people actually booed. . .

    • Liz.S

      Thank you so much for the first hand report!

      In addition to the interesting relationships with Sachs, Walther, and Beckmesser, your description of the Volk sounds so intriguing. They could be the mass who drives pop politics, perhaps (similar to the idea of the mice in Lohengrin)? Can’t wait to see the visual! :-)

      I thought it was unfortunate about Schwanewilms situation also. Her beauty was a bit too sensitive and surreal for this role perhaps…

    • Peter

      Did people really think that Schwanewilms was really that bad? Her very top is always a struggle but other than that I thought she sounded gorgeous.

  • QuantoPainyFakor

    Just watched the video of this remarkable, very classy production. Kosky’s dramaturg Ulrich Lenz is one of the very best and the Bayreuth wigs and makeup departments achieved spectacular results.