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Broadcast: Don Giovanni

Mariusz Kwiecien heads the cast of Lyric Opera of Chicago’s Don Giovanni, starting at 1:00 PM today.

  • Tchaikovsky’s “The Maid of Orléans” just started on ö1. It’s a performance from Génève on Wednesday with Jurowski leading Orchestre de la Suisse Romande.

    Cast:Ksenia Dudnikova (Jeanne d’Arc), Migran Agadzhanyan (King Karl VII), Roman Burdenko (Dunois), Boris Pinkhasovich (Lionel), Alexey Tikhomirov (Thibaut d’Arc), Boris Stepanov (Raymond), Marie Feminear (Agnès Sorel)

    • Liz.S

      Additional Note: “The Maid of Orléans” is under the baton of Dmitri Jurowski (the younger brother of Vladimir)

      • Liz, did you listen to it? I’d never heard the opera before and just loved it (the only Tchaikovsky opera that is neither “Eugene Onegin” nor “Pique Dame” that I hated was “Mazeppa”). It will show up (in a 2014 Bolshoi performance) on my Mixcloud site sooner or later.

        • Liz.S

          My familiarity is limited to Rozhdestvensky’s take so I don’t claim to know it well, but I think this is an insanely beautiful masterpiece!
          I was planning to check this one on 7 tage thingie later -- good to know it sounds like a great performance. Looking forward to Bolshoi (Sokhiev?) version, too! :-)

          • Tugan Sokhiev’s first performance as music director, in fact. I chose that over the DMITRI Jurowski performance as the soloists struggle a bit throughout, but the conducting, orchestra and chorus are brilliant. Despite some shaky singing I just loved the opera

          • Boston will get concert performance of Maid of Orleans in mid- September at the acoustically superb Jordan Hall by Odyssey Opera. OO has built its entire next season around The Hundred Years War and Joan of Arc including Verdi’s Giovanna d’Arco and Donizetti’s L’Assedio di Calais,

            • Liz.S

              That’s wonderful. Boston always gets the best of things :-)

            • Over at least the last decade, Boston has become an exciting city for opera of all kinds, with a goodly number of small, inventive companies like the ones that are changing the face of opera production and repertory in New York City.

    • Dame Kenneth

      Dear Marianne,
      I know it hasn’t been announced (and will not be for some time), but do you happen to know the approximate schedule or Bayreuth for next year?
      Hope you’re well.
      Dame K

      • The 2018 Bayreuth schedule should be announced on opening day, 25 July. I am a bit confused over what I’ve read so far. The Bayreuth recipe for a season is the “Ring” and three other operas OR no “Ring” and five of the others. I read that this is the last season for the Castorf “Ring” but if that is so, they will only have four other productions for next season: a new “Lohgengrin,” and returns of the about-to-open “Meistersinger,” Katharina’s “Tristan,” and the “Parsifal.” Maybe the will just give four operas. I am quite sure that they said the “Holländer” would not return after last summer. I am planning to cover the Festspiele for Parterre starting with “Tristan” on 02 August, so I will keep you informed. Stay tuned… Ciao, bello!

        • Dame Kenneth

          Thank you so much, Marianne! I am looking into it for next year and will go online on 25/7.

          • I can also tell you that 2019 will open with a new “Tannhäuser” and 2020 with have a new “Ring” -- rumors are that Tcherniakov will direct with Christine Goerke and Andreas Schager as Brünnhilde and Siegfried. There is usually no new production the season after a new “Ring” so there will be a new “Holländer” in 2021.

        • Quanto Painy Fakor

          Rumor or Fact: Plácido Domingo will conduct Die Walküre in Bayreuth, so it’s probably a partial Ring.

          • I can only think this is an inane rumor! Bayreuth will never break-up the “Ring” and it will always be under one conductor. Even so, we are talking 2020 the next time “Die Walküre” will be done there. Domingo will be 79. Will he have the stamina to get through five-and-a-half-hour performances (remember the one hour intermissions) in a sweltering orchestra pit from which the audience cannot see him, not to mention weeks of rehearsals for a new production?

            • Quanto Painy Fakor

              One would think so, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

            • CarlottaBorromeo

              First two cycles of 1967 were split between Bohm and Suitner (for recording reasons) so it has happened… and anything is possible in the “new” new Bayreuth ????

  • Jm35

    The Aix-en-Provence Don Giovanni is here (with english subtitles and weird camera angles):

  • Betsy_Ann_Bobolink

    Did anyone manage to record the Chicago Don Giovanni? If so, I would appreciate a copy. I was rendered the dead whore in combat by the malfunctioning Operacast website.

    • WindyCityOperaman

      The Operacast website is back up (just checked). I think they’ll repeat the Chicago Giovanni next Saturday on WQXR or WQED (it looks as if they’re one opera ‘behind’ with the Chicago schedule). Performance is from 2014 (really the best thing about it is Miss Chuchman’s Zerlina).

      • Yige Li

        On one Saturday, WQXR broadcasted the MET Audition grand final this year, and after that they got one week “behind” WFMT’s Lyric re-broadcast schedule.

    • Yige Li