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Born on this day in 1921 soprano Marcella Pobbè

On this day in 1668 Antonio Cesti’s opera Il pomo d’oro premiered in Vienna.

Born on this day in 1921 composer Ernest Gold.

Born on this day in 1924 tenor Carlo Bergonzi.

Happy 72nd birthday soprano Jennifer Smith.

Born on this day in 1949 baritone Antonio Salvadori.

  • Satisfied

    Reaching out for some ticket help: I find that I will be in London at the end of October and would love to catch the new Don Carlos in Paris during that trip. Obviously, it’s been sold out for some time now.

    Can anyone offer advice regarding purchasing tickets to sold out shows at the Paris Opera either directly or through a reliable secondary market?

    Any help would be great appreciated!

    • There’s a ticket exchange on the Paris Opera’s website:

      Otherwise, people who have tickets to sell stand outside and wave them in the air, but there will presumably be a lot of touts. And people looking for tickets have a litle sign saying “Cherche une place.”

      You might try scouting around on ODB Opéra, a forum: join it and post your request?

      • Satisfied

        THANK YOU NPW!

        I’ve been looking at the exchange, but all the DC dates are for Oct 31 and after (i.e. without that dazing cast).

        It was difficult, but I was able to find a secondary market seller who has tickets. They’re based in Australia, so I’m a little reluctant, but I’ve researched the group and they seem to be legitimate. Considering that I’m going to Paris predominantly with this performance in mind, I would rather have tickets in hand.

        With that said, I’ll definitely try the “Cherche une place” sign should all else fail!

    • I don’t know if the French do this or if it is somehow regulated or policed, but in my corner of the world one can often find tickets for Major Events at Wiener Staatsoper and Salzburg on E-Bay.

      • Satisfied

        No luck there…but thank you!

  • Movie Lines for Operatic Characters (Name the Film!!)
    Scarpia: “Round up the usual sospetti” (also: “I’m only a poor,corrupt official.” ( Gee..that movie has them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Erda: “Here’s looking at you, kidS.”( Noisy bunch)
    Siegfried: “It’s ALIVE!!!!”
    Minnie: “GIN!!!!”
    Werther: “Charlotte.(Scarlet)……Kiss me…twice”
    Mimi: “What a DUMP!!!!!”
    Jack Rance “Pull the string!” (well,the rope)…and then he sings, “Bela mi creda libero lontana”
    Marguerite “If I only had a brain”
    Fafner “If I was King of the Forest” (well, he came close.)
    Marcello: “Of all the Gin joints and honky-tonks, she has to wander into this one.”
    Peter Grimes: “Well, nobody’s PERFECT!”
    Don Giovanni “Soon the moon will rise and I’ll turn into a wolf”.Leporello: Yeah,you and 20 million other guys. (See Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein”)

    So….add your own……..

  • This was an Op-Ed in the NYT this week and no one here caught it? PLEASE keep “The Aria of Babyface Cauliflower Brown” out of the reach of any of the more desperate Regietheater practitioners!

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  • grimoaldo2

    I used to see and hear Jennifer Smith often in Handel operas and concerts in London, she was great
    Recit and “Peaceful Rest” from “Hercules” OMG so beautiful, thank you Jennifer!