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Broadcast: Tannhäuser

The next webcast of the season from our dear friends at the Bayerische Staatsoper is both at an unusual time, 3:45 PM EDT and an unusual production, Wagner’s Tannhäuser in a controversial new production by Romeo Castellucci. Klaus Florian Vogt will sing the title role; Anja Harteros will perform as Elisabeth. Elena Pankratova is Venus, while Christian Gerhaher is Wolfram von Eschenbach. General Music Director Kirill Petrenko conducts, and you, the cher public, will discuss. 

  • Niel Rishoi

    Glad to see the roars of approval. Splendidly done, one and all. Good night and good luck!

  • Liz.S

    What a perfect afternoon -- thank you all -- see you soon! ????

    • Satisfied

      Agreed Liz.S! I will say this was the most pleasant opera chat I’ve seen here in awhile, despite the rather controversial staging.

      I suppose you simply can’t complain too much when you have such exceptional musicianship. I HATED the Mesitersinger production last year, but I couldn’t help kicking myself during low points realizing how fortunate I was to be at the BSO and hear that amazing orchestra, under the brilliant stewardship of Kirill Petrenko, with such an incredible cast!

      I’m so glad that the BSO offers these wonderful live presentations and even HAPPIER that they sponsor this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT website!

      • Satisfied

        Just throwing this out there:

        And maybe, just maybe, Pieczonka will be taken ill requiring a necessary and immediate BSO replacement. Who could that possibly be :-)

      • Liz.S

        I remember that Meistersinger webcast. I didn’t fancy Bösch’s direction too but I enjoyed Kirill & this great orch and Herr Gantner (Bechmesser.) It must have been wonderful to listen to them live :-)

        We’ll have Kirill back with this great orch next season at Carnegie. First time since his extraordinary Khovanschina at the Met? Can’t wait!!! :-)

  • Liz.S

    As the 1er was like a couple of month ago, I forgot to mention during the chat but I think it was KFV’s role debut and Kirill’s first take on this masterpiece. They are just amazing!

    • Cicciabella

      Yes, that’s important. These were debuts, so well done to both of them.

  • La Cieca