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Blossoming even as we gaze

When did he get to be a spinto? When did he grow to be so tall?

  • aulus agerius

    I’ll say this for him: he has an easily recognizable voice which is unusual these days and no small thing. Unless the mezzo is petite he does appear tall for a man his size!

    • Susan Brodie

      That’s the camera angle. Mezzo is Stéphanie d’Oustrac, not short as far as I know.

  • basso.profundo

    “When did he get to be a spinto?”

    Based on that video, he didn’t. Pushing all over the place.

    I’m not really sure what the fuss is about Fabiano. I’ve heard him a few times and he’s far from a bad singer of course, but his praise is hardly commensurate to what he brings to the table.

    • John L

      I’m not a huge Fabiano follower, but recently he sounds a little bit more labored compared to the time I heard him in the Met Fledermaus, which was only in 2014.

  • grimoaldo2

    Very thrilling performance, thank you La C for sharing it.

  • Dan Marvin

    The first time I heard him sing in the Met Auditions documentary I thought he had serious vocal problems. They are still in evidence and I fear will cut short what could be a great career.


      He’s already been singing like this for a decade. I saw him live recently in recital and he was extraordinarily exciting and I wasn’t expecting much. Technically he can’t be faulted.

      • CKurwenal

        I do think there is a bit of an issue with his vocal production -- it seems he can do very beautiful, soft singing, even sometimes a very skilfully mixed sound, and he can also produce a thrilling stentorian sound. What I never seem to hear from him is a comfortable, even line at a sustained mezzo forte which for most healthy singers is the basic default.

  • Daniel Swick

    He’s no Pertile.

    • Or Paul Léhrie for that matter.


      OMG. You saw Pertile? Wow.

      • ines

        maybe he never saw Fabiani live either

      • Daniel Swick

        I AM Pertile!

        • PATRICK MACK

          My great aunt saw Caruso and Ponselle in Forza on tour in Cleveland. He’s no Caruso either.

  • Antikitschychick

    Bravo Michael. I think he sounds pretty great. I heard him live for the first time recently at the Met’s National Council Auditions Grand Finals concert; he was one of the former winners they invited to sing along with Amber Wagner and Jamie Barton. He was the last one to sing and he sounded amazing. I was sitting up in family circle and his voice rang out loud and clear with lots of squillo with a a very fine, Italianate line. He is by far the best tenor I’ve heard live thus far and I can’t wait to hear him again. Also, just fyi, he is 6 ft tall according to an interview I read.

  • MisterSnow

    Good wig!

  • I think Fabiano sounds great here. The voice is very exciting to hear live — it has real presence.