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Too darn Ott

Happy 30th birthday baritone Jarrett Ott

On this day in 1870 Wagner’s Die Walküre premiered in Munich.

Born on this day in 1860 composer Gustave Charpentier.

Happy 79th birthday tenor Gianfranco Cecchele.

Photo: Dario Acosta


    Brings chest way UP…..Hope she lasts…..Love it

    • We’ll have to agree to disagree — I find her performance of the aria coarse, much to much at one dynamic — loud — and not my idea of good Verdi singing.

      • Armerjacquino

        That ‘deh, mi consenti almeno’ is kind of hilarious. I love hearing a singer crash into big, brash chest as Eboli, or Gioconda, or even at ‘e terribile sta…’ in Amelia’s first aria, but it’s just totally wrong for this aria. And she can’t do it without going flat, either. Pretty poor.

  • grimoaldo2

    Rave reviews for John Osborn and Kate Aldrich in the new production of Meyerbeer’s “Le Prophète” which opened at Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse on Friday-
    John Osborn souverain
    “The house rang with cheers for the artists…” Says Aldrich looked more like Osborn’s sister than his mother, but praises the range, agility, and vehemence of her singing .
    “Hovering over the whole, the immense Jean of Leiden of John Osborn…he delivers an exceptional interpretation of vocal success and dramatic intensity…. Heureux ceux qui pourront, toutes affaires cessantes, se précipiter à Toulouse pour les représentations suivantes! (You are lucky if you are able to drop what you are doing and rush to Toulouse for one of the other performances” -oh, how I wish I could!)
    Interview with Osborn on that same site --
    He has just finished a run in the same part in Essen and says “I do not really know why le Prophète is so fascinating at the moment because there is no birthday or any other special event. It is a magnificent work and indeed, several tenors are able to sing this repertoire at the moment. I’m following my second production of the season here in Toulouse and several other companies have reprogrammed it: Karlsruhe (in 2015), the Deutsche Oper in Berlin next November ”
    It is indeed a magnificent work and Osborn does indeed ROCK as I know from seeing him as Leopold in La Juive in Munich last year. Beautiful colours, phrasing and sensitivity he brings to sis singing, following the example, as he says in this interview, of Nicolai Gedda.
    Great picture of the Coronation Scene here, it looks stunning (band onstage, hurrah!)
    ” dramatic intensity at a high level from beginning to end….John Osborn triumphant…Kate Aldrich stunning…(the performance is ) mighty,,,grandiose” thanks the Théâtre du Capitole de Toulouse for living up to its responsibilities in rehabilitating the works of Meyerbeer “cornerstone of the French repertoire” and asks “Whose turn is next?”
    Feature on the production and interview with the director, who talks about what a dark, tragic and sombre and sadly topical work this is, to do with religious fanaticism, and also a work of stunning originality.

    • manou

      Hello Grim! I was also going to post this because it is so interesting, especially the Osborn interview -- but I thought it might be too French and worried that Google Translate might transmogrify it into a laughing stock.

      I am very fond of Osborn -- he has always given a sterling performance every time I have seen him.