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Born on this day in 1919 actor Louis Jourdan

Born on this day in 1842 composer Carl Zeller.

Born on this day in 1854 composer Alfredo Catalani.

Born on this day in 1913 soprano Mária Gyurkovics.

Born on this day in 1924 soprano Anneliese Rothenberger.

Happy 81st birthday soprano Marisa Galvany.

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  • Quanto Painy Fakor
    Although not as endowed with his older brother Louis’ good looks, Pierre Jourdan was a passionate opera lover (one might even say insatiable). He had a very interesting career as an actor, a producer of operas for stage and film (including the famous video productions from Orange like the Caballe Norma and the Nilsson-Vickers TRISTAN.

  • To my darling friend,Marisa Galvany…..Friends since I was her doctor in Yolantha in 1965…One of the greatrs…but you gotta have a great PAID agent..I am UNPAID….Love you,Marisa….and I know your 5 fake names (Galvany is only one of them) Charlie

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    is with great grief I am sending you two links with short fragments of
    the latest Hvorostovsky’s concert in his native city Krasnoyarsk which
    was held on June 2. Hvorostovsky looked unrecognizable and helpless. He
    went out to the stage being very pale and lame on one leg with his left
    hand hanging on the bandage stretched over his neck. He fell down in
    St. Petersburg several days earlier but refused from treatment in a
    hospital. He sang with great difficulties and spoke with
    poor articulation. The spectators greeted him with great enthusiasm,
    crowned each piece performed by him with stormy applause and … with
    tears in their eyes. All the listeners of the concert took it as his
    farewell concert. The city authorities awarded him the title of the
    Honorary Citizen of the Krasnoyarsk Region and in his short final
    gratifying speech he thanked the people for this title and for their
    love which he always kept in his heart. He said that he felt obliged to
    arrive and give this concert in Krasnoyarsk. He also had to confess that
    his most big achievments and victories on the world opera stage were
    left behind, but he had nothing to do with it. Still, his two last words
    addressed to the audience before he left the stage were “Goodbye!
    Goodbye!” which he emphasized with an expressive gesture which ment “Not

    It is very
    hard and painful to watch these reels, but I am sending them to all of
    you with a hope that the more people will watch it, the more people will
    pray for him and give him their moral support which he needs so much.

    Such a sweet guy…Met him several times……….Love him……God bless him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • rhinestonecowgirl

      Heartbreaking. Praying very hard and sending him so much gratitude.

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    • La Cieca

      Thank you, Manou. For this webcast of Tosca La Cieca has set up a discussion post which will be visible tomorrow morning.

  • Armerjacquino

    For those that are interested, Scottish mezzo Catriona Morison won in Cardiff. Something of a shock victory, as she didn’t win her heat and was only in the final as the judges’ wild card.

    She pretty much deserved it on the night though: a really rich and gorgeous sound, and she’s a very expressive artist. She sang something I’ve never seen in a competition before- the opening of ROSENKAV but without a Marschallin. Very odd, like listening to a Music Minus One record, but I’d be very keen to see a complete Octavian from Morison.

    • CKurwenal

      I thought she was great, and definitely gave the best performance of the evening. Her win was very well deserved.

      I felt that her round showed up just why it is a pity they changed the rules a while back. It used to be that winning your round didn’t guarantee a place in the final, and I think that was fairer, as it ensured you ended up with the 5 best singers from the whole week. I wonder if the Uzbek soprano would have made it through under the old system, but it wasn’t possible this time as she was in the same round as the Australian tenor -- round winner, and Morison -- wild card used up.

    • rhinestonecowgirl

      Definitely the most intelligent singer on the night. Would also love to see her Octavian, maybe with Louise Alder as Sophie? The Ariodante aria in the heat was also stupendous. Was away at weekend so only just caught up. And she shared the song prize. What a feather in the cap for her, the Conservatoire in Glasgow, the German houses where she has obviously learnt so much, and -- yes -- for Scotland!