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“Myths are a waste of time”

On this day in 1967 Barbra Streisand‘s concert “A Happening in Central Park” happened in Central Park. 

Born on this day in 1818 composer Charles-François Gounod.

Born on this day in 1882 composer Igor Stravinsky.

Born on this day in 1912 conductor James Robertson (Kiri’s Carmen in English!)

Born on this day in 1924 conductor Edward Downes.

Happy 86th birthday mezzo-soprano Mignon Dunn.

Happy 59th birthday countertenor Derek Lee Ragin.

  • La Cieca

    Ms. Streisand also has a timely message for the President of the United States:

  • Gualtier Maldè

    Has no one noticed that Kristine Opalais seems to be out of the Met “Tosca” and Sonya Yoncheva is in?

    “The management of the Wiener Staatsoper has released soprano Sonya Yoncheva from her contract for three performances of Faust in January/February 2018 as an act of solidarity and collegiality to the Metropolitan Opera in order to enable her to take over the premiere and long run of performances of Tosca in New York. The artist will instead return to the Vienna State Opera as Tosca in the 2019/2020 season. Sonya Yoncheva will be replaced by Anita Hartig as Marguerite on January 25th, 28th, and February 2nd, 2018. She in turn will be replaced by Olga Bezsmertna as Micaëla in Carmen on January 23rd, 26th and 29th January.”

  • La Cieca

    The anniversaries above apply to today, Saturday the 17th.

    Yesterday’s anniversaries, unfortunately fumbled by La Cieca, were as follows:

    Born on this day in 1894 tenor Armand Tokatyan.

    Born on this day in 1899 soprano Helen Traubel.

    Born on this day in 1909 conductor Willi Boskovsky.

    Born on this day in 1923 composer and conductor Henryk Czyz.

    Born on this day in 1923 soprano Gladys Kuchta.

    Born on this day in 1928 conductor Sergiu Comissiona.

    Born on this day in 1934 composer Lucia Dlugoszewski.

    On this day in 1961 premier danseur Rudolf Nurevey defected from the (then) Soviet Union to the west via Paris.

    Born on this day in 1952 tenor Jerry Hadley.

  • Antikitschychick

    She sounds so confident ???? ????????about these upcoming role assumptions esp Norma:

    Also, bless the guys of Operawire for providing an interview in English! Wish they would do a part two and ask about what she thinks about the characters and not just the vocal demands/aspects (which are clearly what she is most preoccupied with) and whether she’s finally going to record and album a when.

    I have to say though, I don’t agree with what she says about ppl often exaggerating the difficulties of the role of Abigail and that most singers can sing it. It’s a fiendishly difficult role and she herself said in that 2013 interview from ROH that when she was first learning the role she didn’t think she would succeed and had to practice over and over, and that singers under 30 should not sing it. I guess she forgot about that and probably feels it is easy now because she has mastered it. Plus if it’s easier to sing than everyone thinks and most singers can sing it how can it be more difficult than Norma? That sounds inherently contradictory to me. I’m also kind of shocked that she would find Lady Macbeth more difficult than Norma which is a beast of a sing and requires almost superhuman stamina. Having said that I don’t doubt that Norma is a role that is made for her voice and that she should be able to meet the vocal demands of that role very well ????. Also, not all of those Verdi roles she sings are dramatic soprano roles. Many lyric sopranos sing them. Just sayin.

    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear her as Norma, and Leonora in Trovatore! Still sad about there not being any broadcasts of the Don Carlo ???? but maybe the Deutsche Oper will record excepts or clips will pop up on Youtube. At least that’s what I’m hoping for! ????

  • Nelly della Vittoria

    Another (possible) June 16th birthday, dedicatee of Rachmaninoff’s Vocalise, occasional executrix of errant sovracuti, the otherwise peerless Antonina Nezhdanova, who sometimes made even familiar canary-feed seem like music: