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Cloud yells at old man

Following the jump, the latest kvetch from joyless Norman Lebrecht. (Our new policy at parterre is to run only screenshots from “Slipped Disc” in order to avoid sending any traffic to that junk heap of a site.

If you should drop by the site, though, you will find that the vast majority of commenters on this lunatic post firmly disagree with Stormin’ Norman’s hissy fit. (These same commenters will no doubt be banned come Monday morning, so don’t wait too long.)

  • PCally

    “I could have made a call this morning and found out the offender’s name, but why bother?”

    Laughed out loud reading that lines. One wonders, then, why he bothered to even tell this stupid story in the first place other than whine like an asshole about it.

  • Max

    I didn’t realise that seats in the Philharmonie Berlin are linked with names. The oldfashioned way to buy tickets is still by cash.

    • Dan Patterson

      I should think a theater would be reluctant to disclose the names of particular seat occupants, and might even have a policy about it. So I doubt that Lebrecht could just call the box office up and get the name.