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Broadcast: Der Rosenkavalier

On the occasion of Renée Fleming‘s absolutely final performance of the Marschallin, most likely, La Cieca raises her glass in  a More Farewells Than Melba Toast.

  • Olivero Fan

    A day late.

  • Camille

    A day late and several boxes short on the Melba Toast, or Melba Roast?

    We all mostly went over to the Tuesday penultimate thread to hover, if anyone is looking for comments.

    It was a beautiful leavetaking and put in mind that of Leontyne’s over thirty years ago now.

    A class act.

  • I’m assuming La Cieca had this post set up ahead of time and mistakenly put the wrong date.

  • CwbyLA

    It was the best performance of Ronsekavalier I have seen. All the principles were in top form.

  • leoniceno

    It was wonderful. I picked this weekend to fly in and see the last three performances of the season -- Dutchman, Rosenkavalier and Cyrano. I didn’t realize until I’d seen them all, but all three are about self-sacrificial love.

    Fleming sounded gorgeous. If this really is (mostly) it for her in the standard opera rep, then talk about going out on top!