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Born on this day in 1902 soprano Bidu Sayao

On this day in 1881 Smetana’s Libuse premiered in Prague.

Born on this day in 1895 composer William Grant Still.

Happy 87th birthday bass Arnold Voketaitis.

On this day in 1959 the musical Once Upon a Mattress opened off-Broadway.

Happy 63rd birthday composer Judith Weir.

Happy 60th birthday tenor Giuseppe Sabbatini.

On this day in 1965 the Kander-Ebb musical Flora the Red Menace opened on Broadway/

  • Apulia

    Who is singing in the Libuse Finale?

    • WindyCityOperaman

      Milada Šubrtová (who is the Rusalka in the Chalabala recording)

  • aulus agerius

    Is MF officially out of the closet? It would seem so from his tweet ‘me with my handsome date’ and this instagram
    which refers to the ‘handsome couple

    • LinGin

      MF has never been in the closet. He was out at AVA. He is just reserved on his private life.

      • aulus agerius

        Well, this seems something different from “reserved” :-)

        • Cameron Kelsall

          Perhaps he’s more comfortable making his private life public now. People can evolve that way, especially after some time in the public eye. He certainly doesn’t seem to be hiding the fact that he’s in a relationship with this man (he calls him his “beau” in another IG post).

  • fletcher

    Asking again because I posted in the wrong thread last time: are any parterriani around this Saturday for the Rosenkavalier matinée?

    • Camille

      Look, fletcher,
      if no one responds there may be a variety of reasons why, but hopefully, someone will….

      In any event, go to “The Millo Pole” on the Orchestra Level at the lefthand side, that is, the column nearest to the bar immediately before the entry to the orchestra, and you will find a gaggle of parterriani, almost always, and probably 100% for certain at this Event of Events. I was there last night and saw a couple or three.

      Good luck, happy hunting, and bring along a hankie.

  • Daniel Swick
    My very favorite “O mio babbino caro”… exquisite phrasing and unaffected emotion.