Cher Public

Glitter and be gala

Finally, Peter Gelb (not pictured) brings camp back to opera!

  • aulus agerius

    I want to see the Leontyne Price interview :-(

  • Camille

    “I feel like Barbie on acid right now.”

    The absofuckinglutely fabulous JeffreeStar shows how to get your gay-la ON. No better makeup artist.

  • Antikitschychick

    That finale was lit with the glitter bombs! Glitter will definitely be prominently featured in my grad party ?????????

  • fletcher

    If ever a moment called for that goddamn e-flat (and not Damrau’s)…

    • Latonia

      Yeah…a total travesty, right?

      • Daniel Swick

        It’s ok, Latonia.

  • southerndoc1

    Wasn’t Villazon billed as participating at one point?

    • He dropped out due to “illness”.

  • Camille

    Didn’t they…oh no they dint have the oldtimers sitting on the stage like they had in the past? Just these fotos flyin’ atcha? Oh no. More glitter.