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On this night of a thousand stars

On this day in 1967 the Metropolitan Opera performed La Gioconda in Memphis, Tennessee with a cast headed by Renata TebaldiFranco Corelli, Rosalind EliasCornell MacNeilBonaldo Giaiotti and Belén Amparan. The conductor was Fausto Cleva

Born on this day in 1833 composer Johannes Brahms.

Born on this day in 1840 composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchiakovsky.

Anniversary birthdays for three great Swedish singers:

Born on this day in 1927 soprano Elisabeth Söderström.

Born on this day in 1931 tenor Helge Brilioth.

Also born on this day in 1931 baritone Ingvar Wixell.

Happy 71st birthday soprano Barbara Daniels.

Happy 70th birthday soprano Stefka Evstatieva.

Happy 66th birthday bass Roderick Kennedy.

Happy 61st birthday stage director Nicholas Hytner.

Photo: Louis Mélançon

  • Camille

    On Tuesday, May 9th, the occasion of Claudio Monteverdi’s 450th birth anniversary, Trinity Church will be hosting a very special performance of Vespro della Beata Vergine Maria, 1611, a sublime work, as conducted by Julian Wachner. The program will be repeated in Philadelphia on Wednesday at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul.

    Please see this for more detail:

  • GHEORGHIU JUST CANCELLED THE “TOSCA” WORLDWIDE TELECAST FROM WIENER STAATSOPER ON MONDAY! I just knew that after last season’s… uh, event, it wouldn’t come to pass. Martina Serafin will sing with Kaufmann.

    • nachtEule

      It may just be the live stream tomorrow she’s bailed on. I believe the prima was on 5may, and AG sang, and though the audience tried for an È lucevan encore, JK declined so indeed avevano un soprano. Please correct if I’ve misread.

      • Degan

        I believe she did not want to do the telecast because of her nerves or got ill because of the pressure.
        I’m sorry for that, I would have loved to see both of them together again.
        On 11.5. she should be fine again… ????

    • Camille

      Whyfore did you intuit this, Jungfer Marianne? These telecasts are high profile career boosting events and--at this date--one would think she would be keenly interested in that aspect of the performance.

      Good for Martina Serafin.

    • southerndoc1

      So she’s on a plane to NYC for the Met gala?

  • aulus agerius

    Glimmer Glass Opera says on their website that there is no way to get to their performance site without a car. Is this true? I have no knowledge of the area whatsoever and I’m interested in the opportunity to hear L’Assedio di Calais live even though I think I won’t like the production and am not especially interested in the announced cast. I have been to opera performances all over this country and have always managed without a car, mine or others’. It’s even possible to get to Bard at Annandale NY and back to Poughkeepsie on a Duchess County bus, for matinees anyway. Several companies (Santa Fe, Bard, Caramoor) run vans from town and/or nearest public transit stops. If I could get to Calais I’d probably go to that and Dimitrij on one trip.

    • Laura

      You may be able to get a bus to Cooperstown and a cab back to Gimmerglass (about 8 miles I think). If you have a drivers license, I would recommend taking a train or bus to Albany and renting one.

  • Bomarzo in Madrid was magnificent. Must be one of Pier Audi’s best productions and it was marvellous to hear Ginasteras’s score live. I hope this might lead to the work being less of a rarity. I haven’t yet seen when it will appear in Amsterdam, but expect to go to see it again when it does.

    • I suspect German Olvera (Girolamo), who was stark naked one hour in, will eventually show up as a Barihunk.

  • When still at university, I was in the pit for a Threepenny Opera directed (already!) by Nick Hytner. My neighbour, on the harmonium, was later music director at St Paul’s cathedral.