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“In his more than 20 seasons at the Met, tenor Roberto Alagna has sung his way from one end of the Romantic opera repertoire to the other, from Nemorino to Radamès. But last night he found his most congenial and emotionally moving role yet, the part I wager he will be remembered for in decades to come: Cyrano de Bergerac.” [Observer]

  • Camille

    Very happy to read the above review and am looking forward to next week’s performance.

    Jennifer Rowley’s voice, or, her singing, seems to have improved either a great deal from a few years ago or else she finds this a congenial role. There were several quite beautiful phrases she gave out last night.

    It’s very good that Alagna has opportunity to bring us his Cyrano, and a little bit of a shame there was no HD. Here is an older film of him in this opera coming from France for those interested in knowing the work a bit better.

  • cielo e mar

    An FYI for anyone tuning in late to tonight’s Don Giovanni: Kwiecien was announced as suffering a cold. Unannounced (until after intermission), he left the performance by Scene 3 and Michael Todd Simpson took over as Don Giovanni.

    • Liz.S

      Wow this is the 2nd time he’s stepping in for sick colleagues this season, no? He was wonderful as Demetrius and as Leuthold. Please report back :-)

    • Camille

      I wondered why he sounded better toward the end of the first act and so now I know.

      Too sleepy to hear Don G go to hell but did like Marina/Elvira a lot. It will be interesting to hear what she does with Norma this fall.

  • Luvtennis

    Alagna has panache in spades. Very apt choice of word to describe an important part of his character as a singer and performer!

  • Listening to Alagna speak about the opera, it is clear that he loves the work. I’m glad that it’s such a success for him.

  • fantasia2000

    Thank you very much for the review. I have ticket for the last performance next week, and I’ve been on the fence whether I should go, or whether I should spend my time watching something else. This is my only weekend trip to NYC this spring (I’ll be watching Flying Dutchman, Rosenkavalier and Hello Dolly). Saturday night is really prime time to see any shows in NYC! :)

    • Camille

      Let me just say this much: if you at ALL have the time to look at the DVD (posted below somewhere) of Cyrano with Alagna from 2003--DO so! It’s a rather cinematic, shall we say, score and it helps immeasureably to SEE it as well as hear it. Good luck!

    • leoniceno

      I’m going on the same trip as you, it sounds like, minus the Hello Dolly! I’ve read very positive reviews of all three operas now, so I’m looking forward to the weekend.