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Which operatic heartthrob—who’s loved everywhere on earth, in fact—plans to make a surprise return to the Met to sing in next weekend’s 50th anniversary gala?

  • calaf47

    It’s not Jonas Kaufmann…as he is in Vienna for TOSCA…and has a live webcast on May 8.

    05.05.2017, 08.05.2017, 11.05.2017

    Puccini: Tosca

    Wien, Staatsoper

    • Bill

      Probably it is someone who is retired or at the end of a career -- is it Dimitri H. Or is he already on the list ?
      Few singers are loved all around the world. Carreras ?
      A blind tenor ????

  • Ivy Lin

    Has to be Rolando Villazon. Rolando meaning = “famous around the world.”

    • calaf47

      Villazon’s name was on the “original” guest list…so it’s not a surprise appearance.

      • Does that mean he’ll sing something, or just mill around on stage with the others?

  • Porgy Amor

    “Dmitri” means “earth-lover” (after the goddess Demeter).

    • Armerjacquino

      I mean, it’s this, isn’t it?

    • Hvorostovsky sang in a concert with Netrebko and Eyvazov (Trio Magnifico!) in Toronto last week. I’ve heard that he wasn’t as strong as when he is in top form but still did well. And he sang meaty stuff – the final Onegin duet, Tomsky’s Aria and Rigolett’s “Cortigani”.

    • Juicy Bjoerling

      “earth lover” does not mean “loved by earth.” not saying you are wrong, but it doesn’t fit the clue. so either you or the clue is wrong.

      • Porgy Amor

        I don’t think these clues are that painstaking an exercise in linguistic precision. If the mystery guest is, in fact, someone named Dmitri, a clue that gets “earth” and “love” in there gets the job done.

        • Juicy Bjoerling

          it’s not just linguistic precision, it’s also logic… you are probably right but the clue is not.

  • southerndoc1

    Gail Gilmore?

    • I was gonna guess Pekka Nuotio, but Finnish Wikipedia says he died in 1989.

      • ines

        i wish it were Karita Mattila… but she is busy in recitals in Europe

        • Luvtennis


          You realize that your post reads as if you wished Karita Mattila had died in 1989!!! (Presumably INSTEAD of Nuotio?.) I know that was not your intention, and yet more embarrassed laughter for me. It comes across as totally deadpan heartlessness. That she should be alive AND employed! How annoying of her! Lol!!! ???????????????????????? Lol!

      • Luvtennis

        Lol! It’s terrible that you made me laugh at that. Fie! Fie, I say.

        • hai lui

          I laughed, too

  • Satisfied

    If anyone has a single ticket available at a reasonable price, please let me know. Otherwise may have to bite the bullet and spend $500 on Stubhub….ugh.

  • Donald Grove

    It would be almost too much to hope that she would sing, but surely Miss Price has been asked to attend, and if she attends, she would certainly be asked onto the stage. She opened the place, after all, and was a very bright jewel in the new Met’s crown for the next two decades.

    • rhinestonecowgirl

      And I trust that Mesdames Arroyo, Norman, Battle, Malfitano and Horne will be in attendance. Sadly Ms Studer is still Carousel-ing in Basel.

    • The Cuban Stallion

      A heartthrob is by definition of the male gender.

    • Ray Reilly

      From what I gather, Leontyne is not in good health and living down South. She sold her New York home several years ago

    • Porgy Amor

      Gelb said in an intermission feature in the Rusalka HD that Price would be participating in some fashion. Of course, that was in February, about something nearly three months off. I’m sure it’s a matter of health willing.

  • Camille

    I don’t have a clue but do DEARly hope it is the case that the beloved Dmitri Hvorostovsky is well enough and able enough to be the subject of this blind item. The loss of his Eugene Onegin this past month was a bitter pill to swallow, indeed, and this would at least give us a little speranza.

  • Camille

    Oh, and one last thing and this is for Tamino and suzyQ from another thread RE “What to Wear to a GALA”:

    Look: I went to that thing in 2009 (and Nevermore!), and wore something black with a splendiferous Missoni coloured tunic over it, e.g. It depends a bit where you sit, so judge accordingly from there. Wear what makes you Feel Good and makes you Feel Comfortable for The Occasion. If you are planning on milling around the house into the richer boxes, well then, go for it! If you really are there to see and NOT be seen, then relax, wear your Sunday Best or something comparable, and hold yourself high and be done with it. I love an excuse to dress up, so I usually go for it, but if your best suit of clothes is mired at the dry cleaner, you gained 10 pounds and can’t wear that suit of clothes, or you just don’t care--well then, Don’t Worry—Be Happy! All the world’s a stage, but thank god, you’re not on it!

    • Tamino

      Thank you for posting this, Camille. That’s what my instinct was, so it’s nice to have it confirmed.

    • suzyQ

      Thanks Camille -- I will definitely wear something comfortable!

      • Camille

        There is also this for one’s consideration and inspiration:


        It should help give a few ideas

        • manou

          Wonderful mix of the elegant, the inspired and the m’as tu vu. Plus some disasters.

      • MisterSnow

        Matthew Rhys embraces his Scottishness with full dress kilt!

        • manou

          Matthew Rhys is Welsh. I guess he could have come as a leek -- which would not have been so out of place in this company!

  • Chad Marcel

    Rolando dropped out -- probably will never hear him in New York again :(

  • Satisfied

    Got a little preview of Sunday’s Gala last night: Rene performing Mozart (Nozze) with Levine, Anna performing Butterfly and Macbeth, Owens and Yunde performing Porgy and Yannick performing selections from West Side Story.

    Can’t wait!!