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Broadcast: Ariodante

Hear, view and discuss: Ariodante starring Joyce DiDonato live from Carnegie Hall at 2:00 PM EDT today.

  • Liz.S

    Nice -- Medici TV started to offer subtitles :-)

  • Peter

    DiDonato is on fire!

  • grimoaldo2

    Now one of Handel’s greatest arias “Scherza infida” with bassoon obliggato

    • grimoaldo2


  • grimoaldo2

    Big showstopper aria “Dopo notte” for JDD now!

    • grimoaldo2


  • grimoaldo2

    Very enjoyable, the instrumental playing and JDD were excellent,the other singers were fine but not outstanding.

  • hai lui

    Wow -- excellent performance, and it really worked in the concert format, too. I did think the Petibon Ginevre ending was wonderful in the Aix 2014 production, but this was very satisfying, esp JDD, and the others held up very well -- No Sandrine Piau, but Mary Bevan carried the Dalinda part nicely, and Sonia Prina was just as evil as in Aix, tho with a somewhat different persona

    • fantasia2000

      I’m glad that this turned out to be amazing performance. I saw their “Theodora” a few years ago and it was such a profound experience. It’s just to hard to justify flying transcon just for a concert.
      I, for one, HATED the Petibon Ginevre ending in the star-studded Aix 2014. It was an amazing performance, everybody gave their best, so I blamed Richard Jones for making Ginevra a lunatic while everybody else was celebrating. It was like a bitter taste after an amazing dessert!

  • leoniceno

    I saw this Friday night in Kansas City.

    The highlights -- especially “Scherza infida” -- were very high, and the audience became more and more clamorous with applause as the night went on.

    DiDonato did this amazing trick where she decrescendoed to nothing, in perfect concert with a violin. Then she would come in in the next note, briefly creating the illusion of singing two notes at once.

    Sometimes I find myself getting impatient with da capo arias, but not when the singing is this good; the da capo becomes a built in encore, which I suspect was part of the original point. Harry Bicket and the English Concert -- it’s hard to imagine a better Baroque band.