Cher Public

Say yes to the dress

Gather, cher public, for discussion of today’s broadcast and HD of Eugene Onegin, live from the Met at 1:00 PM. 

And in the meantime, enjoy the gaiety of Anna Netrebko, Zac Posen and Peter Clark examining (and trying on!) archival costumes of the Met’s great Tosca performers of the past.

  • ines

    As much as I admire Netrebko this afternoon, my memories go back to 1992, when Mirella Freni at 57, sang her last Tatianas at the Met…
    (they have many similarities vocally). And earlier this week I had the joy of enjoying Stoyanova’s recital from Vienna ( on radio, recorded previously….had to choose between hers and Radvanowsky’s one from Barcelona…) And Yoncheva was stunning in a concert this week in Paris ( Handel, Rameau, Purcell) . See it on Medici tv. So many talents around. And on this site earlier this week it was asked if there was a more beautiful voice around than Mattei’s… Gerhaher touches me deeply… good to have them both

  • Olivero Fan

    Mattei,”Like buttah.”

  • Ivy Lin

    That interview between Anna and Renee was supersweet.

    • CwbyLA

      It was indeed. And what I found interesting was Renee looked relaxed when she was interviewing Anna compared to her other interviews. The conversation seemed to just flow.

  • WindyCityOperaman

    Love this singer’s roundtable with Voigt, Elias, DeFranco and Dunn.

  • Donna Annina

    No matter that Gremin looked younger than Onegin--this was the most glorious, beautifully sung performances I’ve ever heard of this masterpiece (and I don’t have the experience of Freni, etc. Netrebko was in her element, capturing adolescent heartbreak and regal hauteur. The letter scene was breathtaking. Mattei is no 26 year old Onegin but he conveyed the essence of the “marginal man” to perfection. I recall snark about Alexey Dolgov, at least at the first performance but this afternoon, he was terrific. Gorgeous tone, great dynamic contrasts and elegant phrasing. He reminded me of Tom Courtenay in Dr. Zhivago.
    Robin Ticciati is extraordinary. I listened to part of Wednesday’s performance and the difference goes beyond words. He brought out all the poignant melodic phrasing throughout and sparked the dances with pomp and energy. His talk with Fleming shows him to be thoughtful and modest. And speaking of modest, Netrebko proved to be a generous colleague, praising Fleming’s Tatiana, as well her her Marschallin.
    I still prefer the Carsen production over Deborah Warner’s but at least the staging improved and there was no question about the performances.
    A great afternoon in the theater, which was sold out.

    • MissShelved

      Yup, I’d say Gremin’s age bothered me for about 2 seconds. Then he sang.
      Agree as well about the letter scene. Tatiana cried and I did, too.

    • Nancy Dennis

      Ditto. Great performances but the Carsen production vastly superior. Also with Fleming and Hrovosovtsky (sp?)
      Does anyone remember the Leontyne Price performances at the Old Met in 1964? The touchstone for me.

  • Donna Annina

    Did anyone else in the HD audience think that the artist video was a Kuda Kuda meltdown?

  • Big Finn