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An American soprano

Happy 69th birthday soprano Catherine Malfitano

Born on this day in 1819 composer Franz von Suppé.

Born on this day in 1882 conductor Leopold Stokowski.

Born on this day in 1899 conductor Zdenek Chalabala.

Born on this day in 1910 soprano Sylvia Fisher.

Happy 85th birthday soprano Nadezda Kniplova.

Happy 83rd birthday tenor George Shirley.

Happy 71st birthday tenor Robin Leggate.

  • laddie

    Nadine Sierra has won this year’s Richard Tucker Award:

  • aulus agerius

    Some details about Bard Summerscape’s Dimitrij can be dug out now though they’ve yet to make an official reveal. There’s a video on their website wherein director Anne Bogart says (a) that Clay Hilley sings the title role and (b) that she’s updating to the immediate post-communist failed-state period. She also reveals that she knows considerably less about Dvorak’s opera than I do, for one thing confusing Boris Godunov and Ivan the Terrible! Has anyone heard Clay Hilley live? He has numerous YT vids which show room for improvement. After William Burden my last time at Bard, I am disappointed. Also last year’s Odyssey Opera tenor, Ales Briscein, was very good, on the broadcast at least, and a hard act to follow. Dimitrij has some beautiful music to sing. These 2 pieces of information make it increasingly unlikely I will go to the trouble and expense of attending this year. Sad.

    • Bill

      Is it stated iat Bard in what language this Dmitrij will be sung, Czech or English ? Ales Briscein was indeed quite excellent in Boston -- a Lohengrin voice is required for Dmitrij and both sopranos
      have quite a bit of lovely music to sing.

      • ducadiposa

        I heard Briscein as Romeo last May in Prague and he was excellent. More than standard French and stylistically just about ideal -- I’m going to say much more so than Grigolo’s recent Romeo at the Met! And in June I will hear him just as Bill suggests is right for the Dvorak -- as Lohengrin in Katarina Wagner’s new production in Prague!

  • Ivy Lin

    For those who are still dithering about whether to see Dear Evan Hansen, I have one word: GO. One of the most moving nights I’ve ever spent in the theater.

    • Cameron Kelsall

      I’m glad you liked it. I’ve been three times between Second Stage and Broadway and find it incredibly moving. And Ben Platt is giving a true “star-is-born” performance, the kind so rare on Broadway nowadays.

      • Ivy Lin

        Cameron, I had almost given up on seeing it because tickets were so hard to get but it seems they release a few non-premium tickets the day of the show and that was how I saw it last night. I agree, such a moving experience. I’m more hopeful about it winning Best Musical after Fun Home (another small show about a dark subject matter) won. And I think the score is absolutely beautiful.