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parterre box revives a classic Good Friday tradition.  

  • laddie

    There is much to love about Herheim’s production, especially the marvelous Personenregie. Another Easter tradition (for myself anyway) is Guth’s Messiah, also found on Youtube:

    • Two of the greatest experiences of my operatic life! I attended the “Parsifal” each year it was on and got to meet and hang out with Stefan Herheim, Daniele Gatti (who conducted the first couple of seasons), Philippe Jordan (who made his Bayreuth debit the last year, and who conducts the performance posted here), and Kwangchul Youn. I also literally live down the street from Theater an der Wien so I saw “Messiah” a number of times and own the DVD (which has spectacular 5.0 DTS sound).

      • All Ears

        Also for me one of the, if not the the, greatest operatic indeed theatrical experiences. In conversation with Herheim I said it was like being on acid. “As is the piece” he replied.

    • steveac10

      It might become mine as well laddie. I had never seen this before. A glorious production. Croft and Mehta were insanely good.

      • Leontiny

        Glorious it is. 4 hours of my life I do not regret one second. What a fine director.

  • phf655

    Why was this posted without information about the cast and the source?

  • Camille

    Nice custom to re-introduce as the MET seems to have abandoned its former practice and it is most likely keenly missed by some.

  • Leontiny

    I was one of a trio of Vickers queens who travelled together extensively in North America, and when we could afford it Britain and Europe to see and hear him. My first Parsifal was the 64 Kna recording, but my favourite and the one I listened to on Friday was the 51 Kna with Modl’s fabulous and demented Kundry. My first live one was the 79 Met and I tottered out of the theatre realizing my shirtfront was soaked in tears. I thought Ludwig was wonderful (mercy please, I was in my 20’s), Levine was superb, and Vickers was, well, if you heard him in this role you would understand. I remember Donal Henahan ripped the production to shreds -- “And at times the stage picture is not only unpersuasive, but also absolutely ugly, as when Klingsor sits in his castle on a platform under what appears to be a scarlet feather boa that is about to devour him.”
    So far it’s been a great opera weekend -- the encore of Yoncheva and Fabiano in the Traviata, and today the ROH Butterfly with a great cast of Jaho, Puente, and DeShong (wonderful). Thank you manou for urging me to attend that broadcast.
    And now Easter Sunday looks like this Herheim production. A few quick peeks certainly whetted the appetite.
    I’m one for bringing this tradition back to the Met with Mattei as Amfortas please. Cherry blossoms in the park, chocolate bunnies to murder, and the Dresden anthem.

    • Camille

      Lindt, on Fifth Avenue, has a buy two get one chocolate bunny for FREE!!! More bunnies to eat! Or get sick on, as I currently am.